Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Visit to My Great-Great-Grandfather's farm.

Merry Meet :)))

I have always been fascinated by history, and of course the history of my family holds a very special place for me.  Many of you know that my grandfather is one of my guides.  I am grateful for his assistance as he makes his presence known to me all the time.  My grandfather was born about an hour from where I currently live on a farm that has been in my family since my great-great grandfather. I had the opportunity to walk that land a few days ago.

The farm was kept in the family for the two generations.  It was primarily a tree-farm, but they harvested berries on the land and had cows as well.  The road is actually now named for my great-grandfather Fred Ruel.  Something I thought was really cool. The road itself is just over a mile and spans what use to be my families land.

The other day I had some extra time with just my daughter so we went on an adventure to check out the land.  I was soooo excited driving there.  I couldn't even begin to imagine how it would feel to just drive by the land that my ancestors had spent so much time on.  All of the pictures on this page are from the land. :))  I found it pretty easy using my GPS.  I would be so lost without my GPS, I am no good at reading maps lol.  It took us almost an hour to get there.  As soon as I pulled on the road I can't even describe the energy and excitement.

A power line runs through the land now so it made for the perfect place to park on the side of the road and the perfect excuse to wander the land! :))))  You can see in the right of the picture the power lines running through the property.    There is currently a few houses on the land, but this area was along the lines so I thought it would be ok to walk it.  You can see the trees in the background.  Parts of the land is still a tree farm.

We wandered up the dirt road, heading toward what looked like it was a tree farm area.  At this point I didn't know where the house had been.  More to come on that at the end of the article.  I was very comfortable on the land.  I just thought it was so amazing walking on land that they had been on. :))) I was like a little kid wanting to explore every nook and cranny that I could get to.  As we walked the land I noticed that there were several huge rocks lining the side of the farm that we were walking.  I followed the path up over this hill towards the back of the land.

The woods got a lot thicker as we wandered towards the back, still there was a visible path that looked like it use to be an old road so I stayed on it.  I found an old stone wall at the back that I assume was the back property line.  There were even more trees back there. There were also a lot of bushes that looked like they were berry bushes.  It's a little early in the season and I'm still not brilliant with identifying plants but they were all in a line along this wall so I'm assuming that's what they were.

After we found that we started to make our way back to the front again.  One thing I thought was curious was that there were several trees that were uprooted I'm assuming from the Tornado last year, but around them was a lot of cement.  There were actually pretty big chunks of cement over a lot of the property.  Their positions were interesting to me.  I'm hoping to learn more about the layout of the property in the future if I can.  The land where the cement was, was mostly flat and it always seemed to be round the edges of the property.  Hopefully with time I can discover why and what that could've been. 

After we left I told my Dad what I'd found.  He said the house had actually been on the opposite side of the road from where we walked.  My families land was on both sides of the road.  We walked the side where the tree farm and cows had been.  I looked the land up again on google earth and found an area that looks promising in the woods on the other side. What's interesting about the spot on google maps was that my daughter and I walked the road, when we did there was one spot that I really wanted to go into. The woods were extremely thick there, but there was the biggest raven sitting on a branch and cawing at me.  I really think there was something there that I'd want to see.    On a different day I want to go back and explore more.

It was just an amazing experience for me.  I mean words just can't describe how it felt to be on that land.  I could've stayed there for days quite happily exploring.  Several old trees really seemed to call out to me.  I'm sure they were there when my grandfather was and he likely loved them as a boy as well as he was always in the woods.  It's baffling for me to think that I walked on the land where my great great grandfather walked and my grandfather was born.  I still get goosebumps looking at the pictures. :)))

Thank you for letting me share! :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Very cool. Fred Ruel's wife, Amanda, and my great great grandmother were sisters.


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