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Aeromancy or Cloud Divination

Aeromancy or Cloud Divination

Aeromancy has a very long history, it is actually one of the oldest forms of divination. It makes perfect sense as we have long been fascinated by weather. Just as the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the Gods controlled their weather they also believed that it showed signs of the Gods emotions towards them, hence how it came to be used as a tool to fortell the future by them as well. The word Aeromancy comes from the Greek words for air, "aero" and divination, "mateia." Aeromancy is the use of clouds and the weather to predict the future. 

 As a child did you ever lay down and just watch the clouds go by? Did you spend time looking at them and trying to find recognizeable shapes in them? That's a step in Aeromancy. Now, you can take this a step further by asking the divine to be with you, and asking a question, then looking for shapes in the clouds as an answer to your question. This is just one of the many methods that fall under this category of divination. There are actually several divination methods that fall under Aeromancy.  

They are as follows:

 - Anemoscopy is a method of divination done by observing patterns in wind direction and intensity.
 - Nephomancy is the method of divination where movement of the clouds ins interpreted.
 - Ceraunoscopy is a method of divination where thunder and lightning is interpreted.
 - Chaomancy is the interpretation of aerial visions. It can sometimes use cloud shapes but most often uses the appearance of comet tails.
 - Meteormancy is the divination method by meteors and shooting stars. , divination by meteors and shooting stars.
So the next time the weather is nice out. Grab a blanket and get comfy. Ground yourself and relax your breathing into a meditative state. Then think of a question that you want to ask. Close your eyes and concentrate on that question. Then open your eyes and look to see if you get an answer. :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

p.s. can you see the angel in the cloud? :)))

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  1. Please get the book Animal Dreaming and see page 250 :)


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