Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boost Your Confidence Spell

Boost Your Confidence Spell

Perform while the moon is waxing.

You'll need:
- Tiger's eye (if you can't get a piece of tiger's eye, choose another gemstone that is good for confidence)
- Yellow Candle
- 3 white candles
- optional pouch, or wire and rope to turn your gemstone into a necklace

This spell is best performed on a New Moon as you are wanting to bring confidence. When you start the spell on a New Moon it will help set the energy for you for that lunar cycle.

If you can perform it outside under the moon.

Set the three white candles in a triangle form and put the yellow one in the middle.

Take time to ground and center yourself

Hold the tiger's eye in your hand and focus your energy on it.

Light the first white candle

"Universal energies I request of thee,
to bestow the gifts of strength and courage on me"

Light the second white candle and repeat

"Universal energies I request of thee,
to bestow the gifts of strength and courage on me"

Light the third white candle and repeat

"Universal energies I request of thee
to bestow the gifts of strength and courage on me."

Then light the yellow candle in the center.

Pass the tiger's eye just above the flame and say the following,

"By the power's of three, I ask you to join me,
provide me with strength and courage to be me"

Take time to meditate on the flame of the yellow candle while you hold the tiger's eye. Envision how it feels to have the confidence you want, how straight you will stand, how calm you will be. Spend a few minutes envisioning it and sending your energy into the stone. Then say the following:

"I charge this gem with love and light,
Strength and confidence on this night,
With the power of three and energies that be
Strength and confidence come to me.

So Mote It Be"

You can then make your tiger's eye into a necklace or put it in a pouch to keep with you. You can recharge it any time you feel you need to. Keep it with you when you need courage.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Thank you so much. This has really helped me a lot. Blessed Be.

  2. i cant wait to try out this spell, thank you and blessed be

  3. There comes moments where the energies you have get jumbled and insecurities build up. With the help of this spell I hope to revamp and settle the energies within myself to obtain the security and confidence i believe i have. Blessed Be ^_^


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