Friday, June 15, 2012

A Gift Of Summer

Merry Meet :)))

While I finished writing Rebekkah, I must confess I have been a bit creatively burnt out since then. I know this is normal and has to do with how much time and effort I put into completing it in the short amount of time that I had to work with so I have been patient with myself.  I am a bit of a workaholic.  Ok I can be a lot of a workaholic at times.  I deliberately have to slow myself down all the time and remind myself to actually take time to ground, center and just relax.  Not an easy thing for me.

In the past two days I actually came to a decision that is much unlike me.  I worked a ritual the other night and I was looking for guidance.  I was concerned as I have been so blah the past couple weeks and was searching for answers.  I overthink everything. :) No I couldn't be satisfied with just a I'm tired from writing the book I was panicking that I wasn't going to receive signs as they admittedly have been a bit slow the past few weeks.  For those of you who follow me you know I love those signs! :)))

What came to me during my meditation was to take time off.  Surely I must have that wrong. I have so many plans for my website, a list that's enormous of things I want to do, and several items I want to launch.  "Take the summer off." It was there clear as a bell.  I resisted it with everything I had, but it definitely got me to thinking.  I had been enormously stressed about how I was going to juggle all the work i wanted to do, the classes I was taking, and two children during the summer.  I slept on it overnight and when I awoke in the morning I was fairly confident in my decision.

I am taking the summer off.  I am taking it off to spend it with my children.  Work in my gardens.  Play in the sprinklers.  Take extra trips to the mountains and the lakes and wherever else my heart desires.  Take time to be me.  To rest and enjoy the weather and rediscover myself.  I am taking a vacation of sorts.  I will still continue Moonsong Daily Magick, my facebook page and my blog.  They will be my focus throughout the summer.  I can tend to those in under 2 hours a day.  The rest will be set on the back burner until the fall.  I really settled into the idea yesterday.  I spent over an hour making a maraccah out of an old bottle and stones in the driveway with my son.  I sat in the sunshine and read a book that had nothing to do with learning yesterday afternoon.  I started perusing all those magazines that I have stacked up and never get the time to get to.  And I felt amazing. :)))

As luck would have it, the divine have smiled down on us and we were able to swap a car in for a Jeep.  I was raised in a family that always had jeeps.  Our favorite past time was driving through the woods and taking walks.  We just got this jeep the other day.  :) So last night, instead of studying and working, I climbed into the jeep with my children and went out adventuring for the weekend.  What I found most ironic was those signs I had been missing for the last few weeks, had all come back and multitudes as I like them.

We first drove up to Tolland State Forest.  As we got out of the car and wandered down to the lake I was thrilled enough just from all the fresh air I had gotten.  To me there's nothing better then driving around in a Jeep with no doors or roof. :)))  I walked down to the lake and settled at the side of it to dip in my toes while I listened to my children laugh and play on a rock nearby. As luck would have it, not a soul was in sight and the lake was quiet except for the sounds of my children and the nature around me.    As I dipped my toes in the water I looked across the lake to take a picture.  I love taking photos.  I noticed a few ducks swimming towards me from across the lake.   As they got closer I noticed it was a Mama duck with her ducklings.  I watched in awe as they swam straight up to me.  Right up to my toes! They swam in front of me quacking and looking at me for the longest time. I was enthralled with how cute they were! I only wish I had brought some crackers for them.  I will return a different night with some for sure.  I thought it a bit ironic that this family of ducks had come to join my family. :)

After a bit we said goodbye to the ducks and decided to drive on.  I came across a field packed full of daisies on the side of the row and we pulled off the road to pick some to brighten up the kitchen.  There was a different small lake on the side of that field.  As we looked towards the road, several Mama geese and their babies crossed the dirt path in front of us and got into the lake. :) You can see them above.  This was less then ten minutes after I saw the ducks.   I couldn't help but smile as I saw the beautiful sign sent to me.  There were now three families out enjoying the quiet nature around us.  We watched them for a few moments and climbed back in the jeep to start heading down the mountains as it was beginning to get late in the evening.

If that wasn't enough for me, less then five minutes later we saw a family of deer down a side road gathering their evening dinner.  I all but fell out of the jeep looking at them.  I didn't manage to get a good picture as we had to back up.  I nearly missed them.  But you can see one standing on the trail staring at us.  My third family of animals in under a half hour.  My guides had to have sent me a sign last night.  I am now fully confident in my decision that I have made.  I have to laugh as I'm writing this the batteries in my keyboard are getting ready to die, and funny enough I have no more in the house.  My guess is they will last long enough for me to post this.  Then that's my sign to get off the computer for today and go and enjoy life as my work today is done.  I am amazingly blessed and thankful for all the experiences that I have.  I share this as an example of the wonderful sign you can receive if you are open to them.  While I thought what I had received in that meditation contradicted what I should be doing on my path, I can see now how correct it was, and how it truly makes sense.  From living my life I receive inspiration and guidance.  I can study all I want but many of my lessons are around me and will be provided no matter where I am.  As far as finances I trust that I will be taken care of and have what I need.  It always seems to work out that way.  I just have to keep my faith and believe.  

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


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  1. Thank you. I love when people share their stories. Merry Be.


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