Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

How many of you drink herbal teas? I've been drinking tea for quite some time now but have really started getting into the herbal teas lately. The benefit to most of the herbal teas as they are caffeine free. You do want to watch your labels though if caffeine is an issue for you some teas do still have caffeine. I use to live on the teas from Celestial Seasonings. You can see their website here:

They have an amazing variety of teas. The nice thing is they are fairly inexpensive too. I limit sugar in my diet so 95% of the time I will drink tea with nothing in it. Once in awhile if I'm not feeling well I will put some honey in it. During the summer I will add fresh herbs from my garden to my tea. Sage and Lemon Verbena are the two I add most frequently. Recently I've been trying some tea that's a little more expensive. I still watch for sales and use coupons, but oh my wow what a difference. The tea I've just started drinking is an Organic Tea. You can see their website and teas here:

The minute you take the tea bag out of the tin you can just smell the herbs. Instead of being finely ground herbs you can actually make out the pieces of herbs. The quality herbs in these teas and the way they make them, gives them a lot more flavor as well. Some of them are very sweet, which is a nice treat for me as I really try to watch my sugar intake. Anyone who saw me in my kitchen would laugh because as soon as I take these teabags out I have to smell them. They smell amazing!!! :))))

One thing I learned that I found interesting is that tea is really a drink made by steeping herbs. Definition of tea: "any of various infusions prepared from the leaves, flowers, etc., of other plants, and used as beverages or medicines." ( In other words it doesn't necessarily need to contain the herb tea. Tea leaves are quite commonly put in tea but they do not need to be. About a year ago I had allergy tests done and tea was one of the things I came up allergic too. I just recently made the connection that this allergy is why green tea makes me ill. I dismissed it as I was not giving up my tea. However I have always known certain teas do better with me then others. This would be why, as you do not need tea leaves to have tea. Part of the reason I love this brand of tea that I've been drinking. It's all herbs. I have the one called Relaxing and another one called Soothing. One of my goals this summer is to have an herb garden that is really good for making tea with. Something that is a very obtainable goal once you remove actual tea leaves from the equation. Almost all herbal teas contain no caffeine which is another thing that I'm sensitive to.

The following is a nice article on growing an herbal tea garden in case you are interested. :))

Another great site for teas is The Republic of Tea. If you join their mailing list they will send you an email series about tea which is really nice as well.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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