Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Magickal Dragons

Magickal Dragons

This is the year of the dragon for me.  I started seeing them everywhere just prior to the New Year. To celebrate them coming into my life I bought a calender from Anne Stokes.  Her artwork is just amazing and so empowering to me.  You can see a lot of the designs from her calender and her artwork here:  http://www.annestokes.com/design/dragon_calendar.htm   So it now hangs on the wall in the kitchen each day where I am reminded of the magic of the powerful animal.  Funny enough I was born in the year of the dragon and they have always fascinated me.  So I think I've always had this animal as a totem animal, I've just awoken to recognize it in 2012. As a current totem animal for me the dragon lends me strength as I embark on the changes in my life.  As a strong empath I tend to be one that likes to hang back and stay out of the public light.  My dragon helps me to put myself out there and stand strong and have the courage to do what I'm doing right now, writing for you.  One of the many support guides I've been blessed to have been given.  You can call upon the dragon to help lend you strength to live your life honestly, and courage to do it peacefully.  He will help you with the magick in your working and assist you in times of transformation.

The dragon is the master of all elements.  He is in fact one of the most powerful totem animals to work with.  For centuries the dragon has been the subject of many stories passed down and one that has been respected for his strength, energy, and intelligence.  They come in a variety of colors and it is believed that these colors indicate their aura color or energy they contain.  For instance they can correspond to elements.

Fire Dragons tend to be red in color and correspond to the element of fire.  These dragons bring courage and strength.  They help us to overcome obstacles in our paths.  Call upon him for extra protection.

Air Dragons tend to be blue in color or other light pastel colors like pinks, and correspond to the element of air.   These dragons are dragons of intuition.  They will help you to trust that inner voice.  Call upon them when you need to see an issue clearly as they can bring clarity.  They also are very calming.  I will call upon a blue dragon to assist me in meditations.

Earth Dragons tend to be earthy colors, greens and browns and they correspond to the earth element.  He is wonderful to help you with grounding.  He will help you plant your feet into the mother earth and feel her energies surround you.  Call upon him to also help you find yourself and your potential.

Water Dragons tend to be various shades of blue and blue-greens, the colors of water, and they correspond to the water element.  This dragon will help you work through your memories and help you to heal.  Just as the water is naturally healing and calming so is this dragon.  He will help you to face your fears based upon issues in your past and heal them, as well as work with you on your wishes and hopes for the future.

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Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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