Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peaceful Moon Pebble Jar

Peaceful Moon Pebble Jar

This is something I've started working with recently that I thought some of you may enjoy

What You Will Need 
- Glass Jar wide enough to put pebbles in (mason jars work great for this)

This is something I've started working with recently that I thought some of you may enjoy.  I do it to remind myself of the tranquility of nature and the magick all around me.  For the last year now I have had a thing for those smooth white pebbles that you find when you are out walking.  I think they might be quartz? LOL :) In any event, they are the smooth white almost glowing ones.  They always remind me of the moon.  In the past year I've become quite attached to stones when I go out for my walks, and one of the things I love to do is bring home one from each walk.  Ok, several. lol *blushes* :)) They are filling my gardens lol  So for this spell what I want you to do is try to go outside every single day and find one of these stones.  If you wish to use a different type of stone that's ok too! I just love these because they always have this calm serene energy about them, and they feel very comforting in the palm of my hand.  Each time I go for a walk I select one, and bring it home and add it to my jar.  This makes a collection of the energy from nature and from how calm I was on that walk.  Each time I add the stone to the jar I say the following:

"Bless this stone upon this day,
added to my collection of love it will stay,

Keep the energy of love and light,
may it stay with me day and night."

When things get stressful for me I will go and hold the jar or take out some of the stones from the jar.  I hope you enjoy it!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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