Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is quartz that is a pale pink color hence it's name. :)) Rose quartz is best known for it's amazing ability to heal issues with the heart. It's actually often called the "love stone" because of this. It's wonderful to help reach unconditional love both of yourself and in your relationships. This is one of the first crystals I started working with. Right when I picked up my first piece of it I noticed the calm loving energy that comes from it. It's like a warm cup of tea on a cold night . Recently I've been using this crystal to help me in working with my heart chakra, opening it, and breathing through it. I've also used it to help with shielding. I have several different shields that I use but one that I will use is my basic bubble shield. At times I will change the color of it to a soothing rose cover and just surround myself with a blanket of loving energy. It helps to sooth me and I also love the effect it can have on others around me. Something for you to try. ;)

If you sleep with it under your pillow it can help to promote soothing dreams. It is a wonderful stone to have on you during tough emotional times. It can help to keep negativity away. It can also help you to forgive yourself and find your self-confidence. This also is a really nice stone to have on you if you are thinking about becoming pregnant or if you are pregnant. Not only can it help with fertility and is said to prevent miscarriages but it also can help ease the emotions that are caused from pregnancy. If you are working on self-healing this stone is a very gentle stone that can be wonderful to help with healing past issues as well. If by any chance you've not worked with rose quartz yet, this is one of those that I consider a staple for anyone who wants to work with crystals.

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