Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surround Yourself With Love

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Surround Yourself With Love

This is a spell to help surround yourself with loving energy.

What You Will Need

- lavender scented candle
- apple cinnamon tea (celestial seasonings has a brilliant brand of it if you don't want to make it)
- fresh cinnamon sticks if you want for the tea
- Piece of rose quartz

Make yourself a cup of apple cinnamon tea

Find a comfy spot where you can relax and have some quiet

Light the lavender scented candle.

Take a moment to enjoy the scent of the candle and the scent and taste of the tea. Relax just enjoying the taste of your tea for a few moments.

Slow your breathing. Work your breathing into a steady rhythm. Breath in for the count of 5 and out for the count of 5. Concentrate on just your breathing and let everything else just fade around you. With each exhale, breathe out any negative emotions. With each breath in, draw it into your heart chakra and breathe in light, love and positive energy. Just sit and work with this for a few minutes until your heart chakra is tingling. Once you feel relaxed take a few moments and sip your tea. Enjoy how it feels to be relaxed in this moment with your heart chakra open.

When you are ready take your rose quartz into your hands. Feel the energy of it pulsating between your palms. Now take the calming energy that you feel. Bring it through your heart chakra and into the crystal. Then say the following:

"I charge this crystal with love and light
to help surround me day and night

protect me from the dark despair
make sure to always cleanse my air

fill my days with lots of love
shine your energy down on me from up above

With this I declare it be,
this crystal charged with love and light for me

So Mote It Be!"

You can keep this crystal on you any time and work with it to help you keep love and light around you. You can recharge it on the full moon and cleanse it in the light of the moon as well. For those of you who work with shields, I would also highly suggest a rose colored shield when you wish to surround yourself with love. It will wrap you in a loving energy, but that energy will also project which helps to draw it to you.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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