Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sweet Lavender Dreams

original graphic by: Iman

Sweet Lavender Dreams

What You Will Need:

 -  A small pouch, lavender to encourage connection with the divine, white to promote peace and tranquility.  If you can find one that combines the two colors that would be best. You can also consider making one out of two pieces of fabric.  If not choose one of the colors :))
 - fresh or dried lavender
 - lavender candle
 - three white candles or white tealights
 - small piece of quartz
 - small piece of amethyst
 - small piece of hematite.

Arrange the candles at the top of where you are working with the lavender candle on top and the three white candles forming a semi-circle below it.

Light the lavender candle and say the following:

"Divine energies I call to thee,
assist me with your energy,"

Add the lavender to the pouch and say the following:

"Lavender scents, calming to me,
soothe and comfort me while I sleep,"

Light the first white candle, after lighting it add the piece of quartz to the pouch tucking it inside the lavender

"Energies of quartz be with me
help me remember to remember my dreams"

Light the second white candle, after lighting it add the piece of amethyst to the pouch

"Energies of amethyst be with me
help me connect to the divine spirits that be"

Light the third white candle, after lighting it add the piece of hematite to the pouch

"Energies of hematite be with me,
Protect me tonight on my journey."

Close your pouch either by tightning the cords on it or sewing it shut.

"I seal your energies together to be,
a guide for me at night while I sleep"

"I charge you with the energies of the universe that be
I invoke the mighty power of three"

"Sweet dreams come to me
So Mote It Be"

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. I'm going to use this.

  2. I've been making lavendar and lemon balm ice tea - I've been fighting the bees for the lavendar :)


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