Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

(sings) The eyeeee of the tigeerrrrrrr :))) Hey there :)))) C'mon play the song you know you want to.

Jasmeine we're talking about tiger's eye not the eye of the tiger. Hmmmm Ok valid point, but they are pretty similar. :))) As a matter of fact this gemstone totally reminds me of a tiger. If you look at it, to me it really looks like a tiger's eye. Wonder if that's how it got it's name? :))) As a matter of fact it is how this gemstone got it's name. When round and polished this stone can make you feel like you are looking into the amber colored tiger's eyes. Go put a picture of them next to each other. Awww here I'll get one for you. See what you think.

What do you think? Pretty cool huh? So what's a tiger known for? ....... Courage, strength you say? You're right!!! You get a cookie :))))) So guess what, the stone has the same magickal properties. This is the perfect stone to have on you when you need some extra confidence. Hence, why I chose tiger's eye in the spell above. Pssst... Did you catch the lyrics on the song above? If not listen to it again. :))) It is said that Tiger's eye will provide protection from the evil eye.

Tiger's eye is a member of the quartz family. In addition to being good for courage and strength, it is an uplifting stone that can assist with promoting a positive mood and lifting depression, and it can also help you to concentrate. In healing you can use it for bronchial issues. Apply it to the sacral chakra. For severe bronchitis you can tape a tiger's eye on and leave it overnight. If you have asthmatic issues it can be helpful to carry a tiger's eye on you.

In jewelry you should only wear a tiger's eye for a few days at a time. After that you want to cleanse it and recharge it. You can cleanse it under cool running water. Allow it to sit in the sunlight for a few hours before you wear it again.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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