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Communicating With An Ancestor Spirit Guide

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Communicating with an Ancestor Spirit Guide

I believe that we have many guides. One of the types of guides that I believe we have are our ancestors. While I can feel them around me, the place I feel closest to them is in the woods. This is a simple spell to get to know your guide better. You can do it as a meditation if you wish, but i believe it holds more power when you actually go out into the woods to do it.

Choose a place in nature. Find a path through the woods where you can take a walk. Take time to walk to an area that you wish to perform your spell. Try to walk for a good ten minutes or so before you start. While you are walking work on timing your breathing with your steps. For example you may inhale for two breaths and exhale for two breaths. With each breath in, inhale the energy of the woods around you, with each breath out release any negativity to the ground in which you walk upon. The way I like to do this is to walk until I find an area in the woods that calls to me. I always find one. There's always a spot where the energy is just different, warm, loving, and calming. It usually tends to be a pocket of space. Once you have found that space choose a spot to sit in it where you can be comfy. Write down a copy of what is below and bring it with you. Once you get comfy say the following:

"I call upon you to walk with me as my guide,
Your loving wisdom I ask thee provide,

On boughs of love and hope astream,
Your visions of life will come to me,

Teach me the magick of your ways,
Help me to never be led astray

On this day I ask of thee,
shower me with your wisdom

I ask you to show me a sign of your presence,

So Mote It Be."

Repeat it three times or more if you are comfy. After you recite the spell lay back and close your eyes. Be mindful of everything around you. The energy around you, the smells and sounds, the feel of the earth beneath you. Reallly try to concentrate on the energy of your ancestor and will them to come forward. When you feel the time is right open your eyes. Look around you. Do you see a sign? If it is not there immediately when you open your eyes, you may see it on your walk back in the form of an animal so pay attention. I have tried this a few times and some of the things I have found is a feather, a quartz stone with micah in it, and hawks flying over me. It's amazing what can happen when your intent is there, and the desire to connect. This is a great way to start working with your ancestor guide if you have not already, or to honor them if you are familiar with who they are.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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