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Connecting To A Tree

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Connecting to a Tree

Merry Meet, this is an intuitive exercise based on one of my experiences. :)))  I took a four mile hike with my dog Max the other day while my son was at camp  We got back a half hour early so I looked for a place to sit outside and enjoy the weather. I was in an old section of town and there was a small field of sorts next to his school. I went out and went to the tree that seemed to call to me. I sat down under the tree with my pup and settled into read on my Kindle when I felt like I was urged to put the kindle down.

So I stopped everything and just sat there, with my 80 pound retriever lying on my lap. I grounded, which for me was a different experience, sitting on the earth in front of the tree.

After grounding and clearing my chakras I opened myself up to whatever communication the universe wanted to send me. As soon as I did it I had two doves land on a branch and sit there staring at me. I received visions of an old sea captain, or military man. I just went with whatever I was receiving. A few moments later a black squirrel sat on the tree in front of me and watched us. My dog was very aware of both the doves and the squirrel. You could barely see the black squirrel except for his tail blowing in the wind a bit. It was windy! :)))

I intend to repeat this again as I found myself very grounded and centered after it, and I loved the information I received. I was also surprised how much of it came through connected to animals. I am unsure if it had to do with the fact I had Max, or just because of where I was. In any event :))) For you :))))

Connecting To A Tree

Find a location that will be quiet for you.

When you choose your location, don't choose it expecting anything. Follow your intuition. Choose the tree that seems to "call" to you or that you seem most comfortable with.

Sit right in front of the tree on the ground with your back against it's trunk.

Focus on your root chakra and envision roots coming out of it and planting you into Mother earth, and those roots entwining with the roots of the tree.

From there I want you to look towards the top of the tree and choose a branch to focus on. Concentrate on connecting that branch to your crown chakra, forming a tube of energy to stream through all your chakras, down through your roots and back up through the tree. And endless cycle of energy if you will.

Just be in the moment. Allow any thoughts to pass you by. What do you feel? Can you feel the energy of the tree? Sit there for as long as you are comfortable then if you wish to you may do what I did and ask the universe for any signs they may wish to give you. This is a wonderful exercise to work on developing your intuition. Really relax and concentrate on your breathing and follow your intution on where to look. Look for those tiny details. :)) Good luck! Let me know how you do!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. That's the 'Angel Oak' tree! I'm blessed to be 7 miles away from it. What a delight it is to meditate at its grand roots.



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