Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Moon Spell

original graphic by: Nicole M How

New Moon Spell

Merry Meet :)) Tonight is the night of the New Moon. It is my belief that magick tonight will set the pace for the entire lunar cycle. To me the New Moon is a very special night. I am going to share what I typically do on the night of the New Moon to reflect upon the past lunar cycle and prepare for the new cycle.

You Will Need:
- 3 pieces of paper
- 3 white candles
- pen
- optional way to burn paper that's safe

If you wish you can cast a proper circle before starting the following activities. It can honestly be difficult for that kind of room and privacy for me here so I will often just go outside with nature under the moon.

I make three lists on this evening. The first list is of things that were wonderful and I am thankful for in this past cycle. Spend time thinking about this list. If you wish you can write it in the form of a letter to the Goddess. After I finish the list I will thank the Goddess and the energy of the universe for all the gifts that I have received. I light a white candle as I am doing this. This list you can either burn as you give thanks to the Goddess or you can tuck it away in a journal or some place else of your choosing for safe keeping.

The second list that I write is things that I may not have done so well with this past cycle. I acknowledge my part in what may have happened. I forgive myself and ask the Goddess and the universe to help me improve upon these things in the next cycle. Once I am done with this I burn this one releasing any negative energy, fears, or attachments to any of the items to the universe. At this time I also ask the Archangel Michael to help me find and cut any cords that I may need to at this time. Cords are basically psychic energy attachment to people that are no longer for your greater good. I then surround myself with white light renewing the energy around me. I then light my second white candle symbolic of the cleansed and new energy surrounding me.

From here I move onto my third list. I will take 5 to 10 minutes to meditate upon what I would like for the next lunar cycle. With this I include energy, goals, desires, hopes, dreams, etc. I try to envision how I want the next cycle to feel. I then write my third list. In this list I detail what it is I want to accomplish and ask the Goddess for her help. I light the third candle when i am done. This list I keep on my altar tucked in a box until the next new moon. At that time I'll take it out and review it and use it the next month to see how I did.

I then take a few moments to just be in the magic of the night and with the Goddess and then thank her and the universe for their time and blow out the candles. Most times I will work specific rhymes with this month, but I take this as a creative and personal night. A sort of checking in with the universe if you will. I like it to be not as formal and more personal. You can modify this any way you like and make it so it suits your personal practice.
Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Great ritual Jasmeine, thanks for sharing it. As I was reading I wondered if today being VOC moon is still a good one for a ritual

  2. Thanks for the ideas on how to celebrate the new moon cycle.

  3. Thank you. Blessed Be

  4. Thank you Jasmine that is a lovely way to celebrate the New Moon ..... Brightest Blessings )O(

  5. another new moon tonight, i'm going to try this. thank you! :)

  6. Thank you for sharing, Jasmeine. I am excited to try this.

  7. Thank you for sharing, Jasmeine. Hoping I can dig up three candles. Regardless, I like the meditation and introspection, giving thought to past, present and future.

  8. tried this out... the flaming paper fell on my wooden floor... I panicked and picked up the flaming paper with my hands 10/10 I'm super dumb LOL


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