Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Have you ever heart the phrase the future is in your hands? It comes from the ancient art of reading palms. Most of us when going to a carnival, or tourist area with lots of little shops will have seen signs to get our palms read. Have you ever had yours read? Palm Reading is also known as palmistry or chiromancy. It's the art of using the lines and shapes of a person's hands to determine their characteristics and predict their future. A lot of people may think that palm reading just consist of the lines on the hand. Once you start studying it, you will realize it is truly an art. There are so many things a palm reader will look at when doing a reading. Let's take a look at just some of the basics. :))

Hand Shape - Hand shape can be used to determine a base on the person's character. For instance, if a person has a square shaped palm and short fingers it can mean that they are very down-to-earth, hard-working and responsible. A square shaped palm with long fingers can indicate a person is calm, rational, punctual and very conscious of themself. If a person has a long palm with short fingers, they can be energetic and active. A long palm with long fingers can indicate a more emotional person who likes to evaluate everything.

Fingers - People with long fingers tend to be hard workers and are comfortable doing tedious work. People with short fingers tend to be energetic. They can be short on patience when people move slowly around them. They tend to not be as interested in the details as people with long fingers. People with medium fingers can be a comination of the two. The shape of the finger tip should also be considered. Square fingertips indicate thoughtfulness, and someone who is cautious. Spade shaped finger tips can indicate respect for other people and their opinions. Narrow fingertips that are almost pointed tend to indicate artistic people. If someone's knuckles are really pronounced, like knots, the person may be a deep thinker. If they are not, the person may be much more impulsive.

The following website is a great one for learning more: http://palmistryfree.com/

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