Sunday, July 22, 2012

Releasing Past Memories Spell

original graphic by: Kechake

Releasing Past Memories Spell

This is a spell to help you release memories of the past. While it's important that remember lessons we have learned from the past, it's not necessary to carry any negativity or ties from these memories. This spell will help you release those.

What You Will Need

- Pen
- Paper
- Cauldron or something else you can burn paper in
- Matches or lighter

Find someplace comfy and write down on the paper the memories that you wish to release. When you write them out, next to the memory, write down any emotions you have associated with that memory. It's ok if you get emotional during this process. Once you are done writing. Fold the paper into threes with the writing on the inside. As you fold it visualize the memories being trapped within the paper. Put it in the cauldron and set the paper on fire saying the following:

"These memories that I keep
Some have made me weep

They no longer serve me
Release them from my energy

Take them away this night
Take them away from my sight

Release me from their ties
Replace them with love and light

On this day I let them go
I ask you Goddess to make it so

So Mote It Be"

Watch the paper burn and envision the memories being taken away by the fire and the Goddess. Allow yourself to release them. When you are done bury the ashes somewhere off your property.

Make sure you do a full grounding after this ceremony. If you know how to do a chakra cleansing do that as well.

Love and Blessings

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Just wondering if the words to your lovely "Releasing Past Memories Spell" have been set to music. The words would be gorgeous if they were sung by Lisa kelly or any of the other members of Celtic Woman. And please convey my compliments to Kechake for her exquisite graphic for this spell.


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