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Seeing Spirits

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Seeing Spirits

Merry Meet :)) As most of you know I am an intuitive empath and a spiritual healer. My main gifts are in feeling others emotions. I do have some medium abilities but I tend to get them when it contributes to healing a person. I've always said I wished that I could control them, but they are there when the time is right and the person has a need to know. When I get messages from spirits on the other side typically they come as flash card images, photos, single words etc. The majority of the time it is with my third eye.

A few years ago I saw grandfather's spirit for the first time. It was the first full body spirit I've seen head on in my adult life. I did use to see them as a child. However I must confess it typically freaks me out so I learned to shut that off. :) When I saw him it was night-time, and I was standing outside looking at the stars. I was going through a particularly challenging time in my life and I was asking for his help. I needed someone there for me. A fog caught my eye at the side of the house. It appeared to be coming from the house next door. I figured it was the dryer vent or something. It was winter and quite cold so there are a number of things it "could" have been. However it wasn't. I felt compelled to watch and as I did that fog took the shape of my grandfather, while I could not make out his face perfectly I could make out his old army uniform. I was not afraid. I was actually extremely calm and felt like I was just wrapped in a blanket of love. It was the most incredible feeling. Since then I have caught glimpses here and there but nothing like that. Through the years I have caught short sightings. I'll confess they typically startle me. More often then not I'll get that feeling that someone is watching me, I'll turn my head, catch something and before I can get the oh sh** out of my mouth they are gone. However they were far and few between. Until now. I had asked a couple months ago to further my gift of sight. I told the Goddess I thought I was ready. ha ha ha ha hahaaaaaaa :)) Make sure you know what you are asking for. It started where I would see my dog who'd passed on two years ago. She was a yellow lab so quite similar in color to Max. I first noticed something was going on when I "saw" her laying in the kitchen, I wasn't looking full on, out of the corner of my eye, walked into the living room and Max was sitting there tongue hanging out looking at me. But wasn't he in the living room a minute ago? Must be overtired. Has happened several more times. So I said to a friend back then, I don't know why but I keep seeing my old dog lately. As soon as the words came out of my mouth I got an answer in my head from my guides that it was to prepare me. Daisy is non-threatening. So they started with her. I saw my grandmother yesterday, and again this morning.

Since then I have started seeing quite a few others.  Never for long periods of time.  Always just long enough that I am able to get a quick impression then it kinda fades? That's not the right word, but it's not there anymore. lol  Forgive me as some of these experiences I have are the most difficult to try to put into words.  However, I know that when I stumble about like this trying to help things, it helps some of you who are going through the same thing! :)))) So here you go :))))

As I sit here writing at my computer, I will frequently get that feeling.  To my left. I was being watched. I tried to move my eyes over a bit and could see the shadow if that makes sense, when I turned my head I caught a pretty clear figure, freaked out, then poof it was gone. It makes me question if I saw it in the first place, but it has happened enough times now where I am starting to get a little more use to it.  It's not crystal clear, like a person standing there, but I am definitely seeing them.   Not sure if I will ever get past the freaking out but I'm trying. So this apparently is the next leg on my journey is furthering this gift of sight. I'm pretty excited. Very very nervous. :)) But I know they won't give me anything I can't handle. I thought some of you may enjoy reading this. I know a couple of you on the list do have the gift of sight. I know a few others are empaths, and quite a few of you are highly sensitives. As I said the majority of what I "see" is with my third eye... I'm now wondering how much that is going to change.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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