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Azurite gets its name from the Persion word lazhward, which means the color blue. It is known for it's intense dark blue color and connected to the element water. In ancient times, Azurite was used to make paints. It was considered sacred to both Native Americans and Egyptians. In Ancient Egypt Azurite was used frequently as a stone to increase spiritual powers. It can also be used to eliminate negative energies.

Emotional Healing

Azurite is used to help ease anxiety and provide clarity when making decisions. It can help you to re-evaluate your life and discover any hidden talents that you may have. It's a great stone for letting go of old habits and starting anew. It can also help reduce depression and or anger.

Physical Healing

Azurite can be used to help lower high blood pressure. It helps with all issues to do with the central nervous system. It can help with eye diseases. Azurite can also be used to help with skin diseases.


To cleanse this stone put it overnight in a container with hematite stones.

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Jasmeine Moonsong

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