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Create Your Own Book Of Shadows

Create Your Own Book Of Shadows

How many of you have a Book of Shadows? A Book of Shadows is a place for us to keep records of experiences, spells, things that we wish to remember etc.  Think about those notebooks you had in school for various subjects, except this is a place to keep everything you wish to remember.  Some of us will hand them down in the family as a tradition.

I started out having a traditional one in a leather bound notebook. I absolutely love the look and feel of t, with one exception.  Being a Virgo it drives me nuts when things are out of order in it! :)) In my travels I came across the idea to use a binder as a Book of Shadows and I love it. Ok a plain binder sounds rather boring but there is a lot you can do to spice up a plain binder.

You can cover over the book with fabric, to make the outside look different. You can paint over the cover of the binder.

If you get a binder that has the pockets that you can insert graphics in that opens a lot of doors for designs to put in there.  I love doing graphic arts, so I made a binder cover that looked like an old book. :) 

I then collect various pieces of paper that I like and use a three hole punch on them. A lot of new age and metaphysical shops stock papers specifically for use in a three-ring binder Book of Shadows.

What I love about having my Book of Shadows in a binder is the ability to rearrange my writings in a logical order. It helps when I'm going to find things. You can also make tabs to organize it. Another thing you may want to consider is sheet protectors for your pages. They will help to keep them safe through the years of use. 

Another advantage to using a binder for your Book of Shadows is it lays nice and flat when you try to use it.  No more looking for huge rocks to try to hold you book open when you need it to stay there.  What? You've never used rocks to hold a book open? :))))) I also keep a special pen tucked in the front pocket to write with.

Get creative! It's your book, and your intent is what makes it magickal. Use things that have special meanings to you! I for one am a huge fan of glitter. :))))) Have fun with it!!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Hi :))

    Ah ! I'm totally agree with you ! that's really a good idea:) And You can find some beautiful binders in fact!!
    Love and Light

  2. I'm just beginning as a Wiccan and I'm using a binder right now. I haven't organized it yet because I have to take hours to draw the things I want or look it up and print them but hopefully I can stop procrastinating and get it done. xD I found this really helpful and insightful. Thank you very much :)

  3. I am just starting out as well and unfortunately I don't know of any covens in my area so I will need help and insight. Blessed be

  4. I dont know of any covens in my area and is it ok to keep your bos on your computer

  5. I once belonged to a coven, and I tried doing almost a scrap book effect with the pages my priestess handed out, and I was told off, because I did not rewrite it myself it would mean nothing in the book of shadows, and I should not do that.

    and honestly I have been scared to continue with my book of shadows because I feel that scrapbooking for me would be the way to go about it.

    1. Tharnest, I can see where that priestess may believe that to write something yourself adds more power to it (from yourself) in a manner of speaking. but I personally believe it is more important that whatever you empowers YOU, that's the important part..if this person has made you feel fearful in how you do your book of shadows..I would be finding another coven personally, truth be told your beliefs and your feelings should be what connect you to the divine and personal power within you, not solely dependent upon a specific person. That being said I hope that you do what you feel is right for you when it's all said and done and I wish you the best of luck in your spiritual path, blessed be and merry part.

  6. I find the whole Book of Shadows thing very confusing, so all insights are very helpful. Thank you.

  7. For all of you who aren't sure on ideas of what all to do or put here's some basic ideas on the listed link. but its mostly about putting whatever you feel comfortable with ...i mean its going to be your bos so...*shrug* ....there's also some good ideas mentioned here that jasmeine moonsong used here....if you want something more...traditional could always look around online for a wooden book of shadows cover in a 3 ring binder format i know a site or two that might sell them......or make your own with 10 x 8 (if this is the size youd PREFER) pieces of cut wood (whatever type you can locate/use) for the front and back cover..and a center piece...and use some hinges to connect it all together....really if any of you are unsure..its best to just try to do some looking around online...even youtube has some videos if you type in 'book of shadows' some pagans will list and some even SHOW you ideas they had for their own's all about finding time and looking in on it. family line has had a BOS for years..but over time the information handed down has had to be copied into other books of that one became unusable or too old etc..and that generation of people took care of it until mine...whom due to the last generations book being also too old...copied ours into what I see as a well decorated 3 ring binder that's a bit more useful than its previous book..which was old and had tape used as paper dividers tab things for certain areas in the book..which was honestly getting too the papers themselves eventually god damaged...but since my generation had re-written/copied and added to it all into our bos...we thankfully still had it in a way. so really..just make something memorable..that will hopefully last you quite awhile and for generations to come in your family to pass along if they so choose to walk the pagan path.


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