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Domino Divination

Domino Divination

Have you ever played Dominoes? Did you know that you can use them for divination? :))) For centuries the world has been using Dominoes. It's said the first ones originated in China more then 2200 years ago. The name is derived from the Latin word dominus, which means "lord" or "master".

The divination method with Dominoes is quite easy. Remembering all their meanings can be a bit of a challenge, but it's no more complicated then the tarot. I've given you a basic rundown of interpreting below. However you can find many different methods of interpretation. When you do a reading either mix all the tiles face down on your table and draw a tile from there, or put them in a bag and draw one that way. When you have drawn a tile you want to place it face down in front of you.

The first tile you draw reflects what will happen over the next month.

The general interpretations of the individual tiles are as follows:

0 - 0 = You may experience an unexpected problem
0 - 1 = Your happiness could be threatened by a perceived enemy.
0 - 2 = You may experience issues obtaining basic needs
0 - 3 = Your love of money or greed can cause you to have problems.
0 - 4 = You may experience financial difficulties.
0 - 5 = You could experience difficulties in your marriage.
0 - 6 = Your comfort may be threatened by some sort of scandal.

1 - 0 = You will experience a journey that will have great significance in your life.
1 - 1 = You will be reunited with someone from your past.
1 - 2 = You will have a visit from an old friend.
1 - 3 = You will experience a successful business trip.
1 - 4 = You may experience issues with debt that could cause relationship issues.
1 - 5 = You may experience and emotional journey from a love affair, or you will attend a social event that will lead to a personal discovery.
1 - 6 = You may marry twice, the second marriage will be much happier.

2 - 0 = You may experience a great impact on your life from a loved one.
2 - 1 = You may receive good news from someone close to you.
2 - 2 = You may experience a personal wish coming true.
2 - 3 = You mayl receive money that is owed to you.
2 - 4 = You may have something stolen from you.
2 - 5 = You may not be successfull at an attempt to bettter yourself.
2 - 6 = You will experience good fortune in your career or business.

3 - 0 = You will experience a dramatic change in your love life.
3 - 1 = You will find romance either from someone visiting or on a trip.
3 - 2 = You will have a lover arrive or leave, but that lover will be close to who you hang around with.
3 - 3 = You will receive an item of great value.
3 - 4 = You will experience a happy love.
3 - 5 = You will have a visit by someone who has a significant influence on your life.
3 - 6 = You will receive a gift signifying love.

4 - 0 = You will receive a personal reward.
4 - 1 = You will gain financially relating to a trip or journey.
4 - 2 = You will gain wealth through a loved one or friend, possible inheritance.
4 - 3 = You will have a prosperous union.
4 - 4 = You will receive an invitation to a prosperous and happy event.
4 - 5 = You will experience good fortune in the very near future.
4 - 6 = You will have an early marriage or relationship that will provide you with many children.

5 - 0 = You will have a change in career.
5 - 1 = You have a chance for a passionate romance, possibly through work.
5 - 2 = You will have a change in job, position, or wage for either you, a relative or someone close.
5 - 3 = You will receive a sign of an imminent strong influence on your career or work life from someone you love or a person intimately close.
5 - 4 = You will receive a pay raise or promotion in career.
5 - 5 = You will have a change in fortune, possibly a new home.
5 - 6 = You will have a change in employment.

6 - 0 = You will experience good or bad fortune coming from somewhere close to home.
6 - 1 = You will experience lasting emotional or personal happiness from a journey or vacation.
6 - 2 = You will do something for someone close to you that will payoff and reflect well upon you
6 - 3 = You will have luck in love, but be cautious as it could prove to be difficult in the long run.
6 - 4 = You will experience an unexpected change in your prosperity, status, or general fortune.
6 - 5 = You will have success at work, in career, vocation, or possibly education.
6 - 6 = You will experience success and happiness in your immediate future.

You then want to draw a second tile, which will indicate what will happen for the coming year. You read this one by adding up the numbers on the tile.

12 = You will meet someone who will introduce you to a new sport or hobby.
11 = You will change a relationship with a friend because of one of you moving.
10 = You will have a change of school or job this year.
9 = You will experience an unexpected fortunate event this year.
8 = You will be blamed for an issue in your future.
7 = You will have a visitor come who will give you information that result in you having a change of plans.
6 = You are about to lose money on a bet or an investment; you can avoid this if you are on guard.
5 = You are going to have a problem at home.
4 = You are going to assume a position of leadership in your school, social circle, job, or community.
3 = You will have something unexpected happen that will not be positive.
2 = You will meet someone at a party or social event who will affect your life.
1 = You may experience misfortune.
0 = You should be very open to new ideas, possible life choices and directions.

Have Fun!!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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