Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fire Opal

Fire Opal

Merry Meet :)) So I happened across a large antique fair the other day while out and about. One of the booths wayyyy in the back of the fairground had this ring that just caught my attention. It was a beautiful fire opal in an antique setting. Now I'm not one for red things normally but this ring really caught my attention. It's still on my mind. I didn't get it because it would only fit on my ring finger, and I wasn't willing to give up my star sapphire or my kyanite ring. But my good grief was it gorgeous. So today I thought I'd write about fire opals as I realized I didn't know a whole lot about the stone. The picture above is sorta close to the stone in the ring I saw. The colors were just amazing in it. :)))

Throughout history Fire Opal's have been considered to be stones of love and strength. The stone is linked to the planet Mars. Conquerors and explorers carry them frequently as they believe the stone will help them overcome danger. The fire opal is considered a precious opal. The colors can range from orange to reds. It is said that if you give a gift of a fire opal to someone you will soon become the object of their desire.

The Fire Opal stimulates sexuality. It can also help to strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation. It can increase the energy of the person wearing it, and helps promote positive energy. The fire opal contains colors of all stones pretty much so it can be used in almost any type of magic. The fire opal is a great defensive stone and can protect against danger as well as enhance personal power. It is a wonderful stone to help release and let go of the past and to help guide you through emotional turmoil.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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