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Herbal Baths

Herbal Baths

Herbal baths can be very helpful for us. Water is naturally grounding so whenever we sink into that water in our tub that alone will ground us. Throw in some bubblies and light some candles with some soft music and the lights down low and we can create our own magickal paradise right in our bathroom. Herbs are wonderful to add to that magick. They can help you to heal your body and your mind and release all the tensions from that days challenges.

We've all seen the flower petals floating on the bath water and while this looks really pleasant and you may be tempted to just throw the herbs into your bath, it can cause you a bit of extra time when you get out to pull the various leaves and blossoms out of your hair and off of your body. So how should be add herbs to our bath?

Cloth Satchel: Cheesecloth! :) It's a pretty inexpensive option and it will keep the bits of the herbs all in one place for you. You can also use muslin cloth. For those of you crafty ones with Etsy shops maybe this is something you want to consider adding to your shops. *cough* (wink) lol :))) You can create a very pretty pouch that you can use multiple times or you can make a single use pouch. You want to use about a half a cup of herbs. Then wrap the herbs that you wish to use in the cloth you've selected, tie it together forming a pouch and hang it from the spout where your water comes into the bath letting the water drain through it as it fills your tub. Once the tub is finished filling you can allow the herbal pouch to sit in the bath water with you for added steeping. Sorta like a gigantic tea bag. :)) You can also add oatmeal to the mix to soften the water and your skin.

Infusion: This is another method of adding herbs to your bath. Select the herbs that you wish to use. Add several cups of boiling water to a half cup of herbs. Let the herbs steep in the water for about twenty minutes. Then strain the herbs out of the liquid and add it to the bath.

Be careful of what temperature you keep your bath at. A temperature around 98 is ideal. If you crank the water up on your tub into the 104 degree range you will need to get out pretty quickly and can be at risk for dehydration and dizziness. Something I admittadly am guilty of quite a bit in the winter. lol With the temp that is close to your body temp you will be able to stay in it for longer periods of time. When it cools down a degree or two just add some more water to it.

Below are some suggestions for herbal mixes :))

For Aching Muscles and Joints - sage, strawberry leaves, mugwort, agrimony, chamomile

Tonic Baths - Blackberry leaves, comfrey, alfalfa, parsley, orange peels, jasmine flowers, rose petals, orange blossoms, lavender, nettle, dandelion, daisy.

To Aid Circulation - marigold, nettle, ginger

Stress Relief - Velerian, calamus, lavender

Relief of Skin Inflammation - Alder, Dandelion leaves, mint, plantain

Beauty Bath Mix - Lavender flowers, rosemary leaves, dried mint, comfrey root, thyme

As always take care to make sure you don't have any sensitivities or allergies to herbs.


Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I love the recipe for the aching muscles bath. I didn't have strawberry leaves but it still worked great. Thank you for sharing. And I used a coffee filter and ponytail holder to keep it closed. but it worked great lol.


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