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Holistic Remedies For A Fever

Holistic Remedies for a Fever

Merry Meet :)) Fevers. We've all had them. Not fun.  However, it lets me know our bodies are doing what they should. Fevers are an indication of the body turning up the heat to kill the infection. Please seek medical attention if it's more then a slight fever.  For children, any child under 6 months with a fever should be seen immediately.  If a fever is above 103 seek medical attention as well.  You would also need to seek attention from a doctor if there is dehydration or you've had it longer then seven days.  Otherwise, a lot of time the flu will give us those slight annoying 101 temps that are just uncomfortable.  There are some holistic remedies that can help.

- First and the one most of us are likely familiar with is a bath. The bath should be warm though not cold, as if it's cold it can drop a fever too quick, not to mention how uncomfortable it is for the person with the fever.

- Lots of ice water. This can help lower your temp. If you have little ones, consider giving them crushed ice cubes, or put some fruit juice in a blender with some ice. Slurpies are great for this time.

- Rest as much as you can, your body is trying to fight off an infection so the quieter you are it will help.

- You may want to avoid solid foods during this time, but be sure to drink a lot more then usual. Jello and popcicles can be helpful.

- Bergamot, chamomile, tea tree oil or eucalyptus essential oils can be helpful in aromatherapy, or applied as a compress.

- Egg Whites - Soak cold compresses in egg whites and put them on the bottom of your feet, you can then cover the feet with socks.

- Tea - You can use peppermint tea or elder flower teas.

Fever Soothing Tea Recipe (from Mothering Magazine)
- 2 teaspoons peppermint
- 2 teaspoons elder flowers
- 2 teaspoons yarrow flowers
- 2 teaspoons boneset flowers and leaves
- 4 cups hot water
- honey or maple syrup to sweeten.

Use 1 teaspoon of the dried blend or 2 teaspoons of fresh blended herbs per cup of boiling water. Steep for five minutes and strain. Sweeten a cup to taste for your child to drink; pour the rest in the bath. To induce sweating, serve this tea as hot as your child can comfortably drink it. It's recommended serving it in a plastic mug while your sick child sits in a comfortably warm bathtub in a warm bathroom.

Love and Blessings, 

Jasmeine Moonsong

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