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Love Your Emotions

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Love Your Emotions

Many of us throughout life are taught that emotions are negative, and to hide them.  What we learn to do is put up walls, and force those emotions underground.  One of the problems with that is they have a tendency to resurface later on in life.  Instead of healing the problem we are actually applying a temporary bandaid that in time will fall off revealing the emotion that we will still need to deal with.  Part of the healing process is learning to love you and love your emotions.  What we will do with this spell is learn to shift our consciousness to resolving these feelings and healing them by sending them love instead of attempting to bury them.

What You Will Need 
 - White Candle
 - Piece of Rose Quartz.

The initial spell is to charge a rose quartz crystal to help you with this.  You may choose to keep the rose quartz on you for as long as you need it.

Ground and center

Cast your circle.

Light the white candle and pass the rose quartz through the smoke then say the following:

"I charge this rose quartz on this night, 
May it be bathed in everlasting love and light,

My emotions I seek to keep pure and true
To process them when they are due

I promise to love myself and the emotions I feel
This serves as a commitment to myself to heal

So Mote It Be"

Keep the quartz crystal on you for the next several weeks.  Whenever you feel frustrated, angry, sad, or have some emotion that you wish to not have, I want you to do the following.  Take the rose quartz out of your pocket and hold it tight in your hands.  Now concentrate on where you are feeling the emotion.  For example, if you are sad, your heart chakra may hurt, if you are angry, you may feel it in your stomach, perhaps you carry the stress and tension of the day in your neck.  Once you have located that spot I want you to concentrate on it.  Instead of sending it away to the darkness of your shadow self. Embrace it.  Acknowledge that it's there and that it's ok.  The send it as much love as you possibly can.  Just surround it with loving positive energy letting yourself know it's perfectly ok to have that emotion.  Forgive yourself for it, and allow it to leave your body and no longer weigh you down.  If you keep a regular practice of this you will get quicker at it and you will be amazed at the difference.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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