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In 1944, a Japanese scientist discovered Sugilite, hence how it got it's name. It is a rare gemstone primarily found in South Africa, and on rare occasions in Japan. It has also been found in Quebec Canada, Tuscany Italy, and New South Whales Australia. It occurs in gasious deposits of basic magma.

Sugalite is calming to the nervous system. It can be used to help alleviate pain. Sugilite has been used to help in the treatment of epilepsy and other disorders having to do with the nervous system. Some people think that it can be useful in treating life-threatening diseases in people and animals, even if those diseases are advanced. Healers also use the stone for dyslexia, and motor dysfunction.

Sugilite is a wonderful stone to help with self-control and acting logically and with determination in unpleasant situation. It is also a very loving stone and can assist with spiritual quests, love, and forgiveness. It helps us to live our own truth. It can help children who have issues learning to read and write.

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Jasmeine Moonsong

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