Monday, September 10, 2012

Apache Tears

Apache Tears

Apache tears are a symbol of freedom, power and health by all Native American Tribes. The legend of th Apache tear is as follows...  In the 1870's in Arizona, the Apaches and US Cavalry fought a war. The Apache's were really outnumbered and rather then admit defeat they rode their horses off the mountains to their death. The wives and family of the Apache's mourned their fallen warrior's and when their tears fell to the ground they formed Apache tears.

The stone belongs to the obsidian family. Obsidian is volcanic black glass and the stones look like just that.  When you hold them up to the light, they are mostly translucent black in color, with traces of different metals like iron, titanium and manganese throughout them.  Apache tears are created from hot lava being forced into the air and cooling into these gemstones as the drops of lava hit the ground.  

Apache tears can be helpful to aid digestion and gastrointestinal disorders, especially when these issues are caused by stress. They will help to stimulate the body's natural production of vitamin B and E. This will help your blood and improve your skin.

Apache tears will help to bring forth whatever is hidden inside of you.  This stone is an amazing stone to help you with grounding. Carry one with you to help protect you psychically and against negative energy. You can throw a few in with your bath to help ground you and remove negative energy.  Apache tears can help to relieve depression and anxiety one might have about the future. They also assist with any sadness you may be carrying.  They can contribute to an overall well being and help you to become more joyful and harmonious with yourself. They are said to bring good luck to those who carry them.

To cleanse an Apache Tear wash it in a bowl of warm water once a month. It is best to charge them among rock crystals.

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  1. thanks for sharing this. sad story but beautiful stone with great qualities.


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