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Embrace Your Shadow Self

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Embrace Your Shadow Self

Merry Meet :)) Some of you may be familiar with your shadow self. Some of you may not have started working with it yet. Simple explanation is the shadow self is those traits that we see as undesirable in ourselves. Most often it is because we have been told that they are unacceptable. So we stuff them down inside of us. What this does though is makes them so we are detached from them and don't have the control we wish to have with them. Simple example that I'm sure quite most of you are familiar with is my sensitivity. Part of my shadow work with myself was to embrace the side of me that "cried to often" or was "too emotional" By acknowledging it was there and learning to love that about myself I have more control over it. I realize while my having tears when I don't want them isn't something I desire, it is part of who I am. If not for that side I wouldn't be sensitive to the many things I am sensitive to. So rather then try to bury it and have it come out at random I learned to work with it. :) So basically this is a spell to work with your shadow self. It is primarily done through a meditation. The purpose of it is to identify one aspect of your shadow self that is most appropriate for you to work with at this time. Are you ready?

Find a place and make yourself comfortable. It's best if you can lay down when you do this and have a place where you will be uninterrupted for a good 20 minutes.

Next to wherever you are I want you to light a white candle, to assist with peaceful loving energy surrounding you.

Use either lavender incense, oil, or a candle as well. The smell will be calming to you.

Make sure you ground yourself before you begin. You wll want to do so again after as well.

Now Get comfy in your chosen spot.

I want you to mentally take yourself on a walk through the forest, long dirt path. You will be barefoot on this walk so you can feel the earth supporting you. Feel the earth crunching beneath your feet. Bend down and pick up a bit of it in your hands and feel how cool and firm it feels to the touch. You are blessed with the element of earth.

As you walk down the path I want you to look for a cave up in front of you. It's a dark cave set into a hill. Walk into the cave and feel the coolness of the air hitting your face. When you walk into the cave there will be a waterfall in front of you. Take a moment to walk into pool of water at the base of the waterfall. Walk close enough to the small waterfall coming down the rocks to put your hands in it. Splash some of the cool pure water onto your face. You are now blessed with the element of water.

As you look to your left you notice that the pool at the base of the waterfall runs along the edge of the cave to the left. As you follow it you realize the cave has a second opening. The sunlight is streaming through that opening. You walk towards it curious what's on the other side.

As you walk through the opening you find yourself in the most gorgeous field. The grass is soft and lush under your feet, and there are wildflowers growing everywhere. The field is surrounded by the forest so it is your own private oasis. As you walk into that field I want you to take a few moments and just concentrate on taking deep breaths. You are now blessed with the element of air.

Feeling completely refreshed you walk into the center of that field where a blanket is waiting for you. It is the softest blanket and looks inviting to you. It is surrounded by white candles. You light each of the candles while doing so realizing you are in a safe place. You are now blessed with the element of fire.

Sit down on the blanket and close your eyes. I want you to be still and pay attention to the environment you are in. Listen to the breeze through the trees, the birds singing in the distance, the distant waterfall in the cave. Notice how the air smells of wildflowers and is warm but still cool enough to feel crisp when you breathe it in. Sit there and relax for a moment and take it all in.

As you sit there you will notice the sound of footsteps. Someone is coming to meet you that will have important information for you about your shadow self. Listen to the footsteps come closer and slowly open your eyes. The person in front of you will represent your shadow self. It will either be a mirror image of yourself or a person has an aspect of your shadow self that you wish to work with at this time. Listen to what they have to say to you. Look at the trait that you think of negatively in yourself and see how it can be positive on this person standing in front of you. Join your hands together and lock eyes. Send love to each other through your hands. Embrace that person and love them for who they are. For whoever they are they are perfect. No mistakes are made with anyone who is placed on this Earth. Love them for who they are and send healing energies. When you are done this person will give you a box. Take a moment to open the box and see the gift that is inside. This gift represents a key to healing your shadow self. Thank your visitor for the gift. The person will then walk back across the field and out of your vision.

Take some time to meditate on the person you have seen and the gift and message they have given you. Spend as long as you wish in this moment. When you are ready stand up and blow out the candles around the blanket. Take a few deep breaths in the field. Then make your way slowly back to the cave. Walk next to the little stream running through the cave and back to the waterfall. Take a moment to stand in it and feel the cool water on your feet. When you are ready walk back out of the cave and onto the dirt path. Pick up a stone along the way and hold it in your hands. Note how cool it feels to your touch. Notice the color, texture... continue walking to the edge of the forest. You are now back to where you started your journey.

Open your eyes slowly and stretch. Make sure you ground. I would suggest writing down some notes about your experience as they will hold helpful information for you to work with.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I absolutely love your blogs, and look forward to reading them every day. They help me in my daily life and give me great idea's to share with my friends that are going through rough times. You have a profound affect on people. I dont think you exactly realize how much~ BB!! Heidi~ )O(


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