Sunday, September 2, 2012

Full Body Pendulum

Full Body Pendulum

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Did you know you can use your body for divination? :)) It works great if you really are wanting an answer and can't find any tools about you that you can use. I first learned this method at a psychic seminar about a year ago. You can use your entire body as a pendulum to give you a yes or no answer. It's very simple to do.

Stand with your feet about a foot apart on the floor. Relax your arms down by your sides and let them hang loosely. Close your eyes and concentrate on the question you have at hand. Be sure to phrase it properly so that you can receive a yes or no answer. With divination how you phrase your question can be imperative to the results that you receive. When you first start with this method you will want to take a moment to get use to it. When you work with a pendulum one of the first things you will do is get to know which way it swings for you. You do the same with your body. Close your eyes and say "show me yes". Notice which way your body sways. For me my body tends to move forward. Then try "Show me know." For me my body will go backward. You may want to do this around cushions until you get use to how it feels ;)

Clearly this is a method that can be influenced by you if you choose to let it be. So do your best to try to clear your mind before you begin. Some people in the class experienced motions from side to side. Just as with the pendulum, results may differ from person to person. What matters is that you take the time to get to know how your body works with this

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. I'm an eclectic solitary witch who's also an avid hula hooper. Scrying is a natural gift I have but since I've started hooping, I find its a time that I end up 'seeing' the most!

    I wandered my way here to you and I'm thankful. Love reading your blog!

  2. I am surrounded by entity Orbs ...please advise me if possible. many thanks .Sheila x


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