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How To Make Your Own Potpourri

Make Your Own Potpourri

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Making potpouri is a wonderful craft that can make your house smell amazing but can also be wonderful to give as gifts to others as well. It's also really easy! :))

- Collect flowers or herbs depending on your preference of scent that you would like to have in your potpourri. Get creative with it! Choose things that you love and play with the combinations. You may want to combine lavender and lemonbalm, or roses and mint. Keep in mind that you want to choose things that are visually appealing as well, we can add extra scent to it with essential oils later if needed.

- Once you have collected the herbs and flowers you wish to make a potpourri from place the on a screen, or a tray that is lined with paper towels to dry. They should be in a fairly warm dry area. Turn them over each day until they are dried completely. Another favorite method of mine is to string them up in bunches and hang them from somewhere. Mine hang on the doors of my cupboards in my kitchen in bunches. They look beautiful and make the kitchen smell fabulous as they are drying.

- Once they are dry you want to store them in containers that are light proof. You should store each herb/flower in a different container until it is ready for use. I use glass mason jars stored in a closet. When using jars you want to check for moisture. If there is moisture you want to pull the material out and dry it out again for an additional day or so. You can collect flowers and herbs over the entire summer.

- When you are ready to make the potpourri, you want to decide on a preservation agent to help keep your potpourri. Some good choices are orris root, calamus root, and oakmoss. You can also check your local craft shop as they have mixes you can use to help preserve your potpourri as well.

- Once you have the dried material you wish to use you can add oils to your potpourri. You can use one scent or blend scents that you wish for a custom scent. So when I use roses and mint I will add the essential oils of those. It's your choice what you use though. Play with it to get the scents you wish. Another one I love to use is a clean cotton essential oil. I use that one in my bathroom.

- Always keep a journal of sorts of what oils and materials you use for your potpourri. That way you will remember what you liked both in terms of scent and appearance.

- Add the oils to your preservation agent. Stir it in and keep it in a tightly closed container. Let it sit in a cool dark place for several days. After a few days open the jar. If you are happy with the fragrance add your leaves and petals stirring carefully so as not to break the dried material. Store ina jar in a cool dark place for several weeks. Every few days shake the container gently. After about 4 - 6 weeks it will be ready for use.

- Add your potpourri to containers to place about your house, or give aways as gifts.

The following is a recipe I found online that you can give a try. :)))

Easy Summer's Bounty Potpourri:
6 cups of mixed flowers you have dried over summer
Enough mint, scented geranium, rose leaves, lemon verbena or lemon balm leaves to make 2 cups
Place 4 heaping tablespoons of chopped orris root or chopped calamus root in a large glass container.
Add 8 drops rose geranium oil, 8 drops bergamot oil, 5 drops honeysuckle oil. Stir, close top and let mellow for a week.
Add the other ingredients, stir to blend, close container and let mellow for 4-6 more weeks, stirring occasionally.
If you would like a sweeter fragrance use a few drops of jasmine, rose or ylang ylang oil. Too bland for your taste? Add some crushed cinnamon sticks, crushed allspice or cloves, patchouli leaves or lavender flowers. To mellow, use dried sweet woodruff, cut vanilla bean, crushed tonka bean or cut vanilla grass.


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  1. What about making your own scent/perfume from essential oils?


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