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Illuminate Your Inner Love

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Illuminate Your Inner Love

Merry Meet :)))

Today's spell was inspired by the card I just drew. When I pulled it I had a vision of a girl standing with a candle in her hand in a darkened room and that light illuminating her heart chakra. So I am doing today's spell based on that vision.

What You Will Need

- 1 White Pillar Candle

For this spell I want you to find a dark quiet room. If you want to go outside at night, that works too as long as it's pretty dark out. The contrast between the darkness and the light of the candle is what lends the atmosphere to this spell.

Find a place to do your spell. You can either sit on the ground, or stand. If you stand, it's preferable to be bare foot. I'm a bare foot girl ;)

Feel the earth underneath you supporting yourself and take a few moments to ground yourself and join with the energy of Mother Earth.

Then I want you to light the white pillar candle.

Hold it in front of you so that it is in front of your heart chakra.

Focus on the flame of the candle and allow it's light to become one with you.

Let the light enter your heart chakra and really feel it opening. Concentrate on removing any negative energy that is within that chakra, and work to open it fully.

Say the following:

"Goddess of Love and Light,
I feel your presence within me tonight,

Open my heart to all that is good,
Help me to always lighten my mood,

The light of love runs through me now,
With you I make a sacred vow,

To always walk my path with love and light.

So Mote It Be"

Once you have finished casting the spell allow yourself some time to become one with the Earth, the fire burning in the candle, and the energy. Concentrate on the flame to see if there are any messages for you. When you are done, snuff the candle out.

I hope you enjoy!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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