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Working with Mandala's is a very powerful spiritual exercise. It can aid you in meditation.

Spending time coloring a Mandala can help you to
- get to know your true shelf
- familiarize you with your shadow self
- balance your body, mind and soul
- calm your mind and assist with meditation
- increase your focus and concentration
- help you to receive wisdom from your guides
- boost self-esteem and confidence
- serve as a creative outlet
- help heal you emotionally and physically.

Quite the powerful exercise. :) By coloring in Mandalas and for those of you who are extra creative, drawing them it can help you to connect with your inner soul and the Divine. It's a very valuable mystical tradition.

Mandala's are traditionally circular works of art with a spiritual meaning. In Sanskrit, the word Mandala means circle, or completion. Most Mandala's are circular and symmetrical in design. Tibetan's view Mandala's as creatng the perfect universe, and a 2 dimensional temple that can be entered through meditation.

Set aside as much time as you can, preferably an hour or more if possible. Light some incense that you enjoy, play some relaxing music. You could take it outside and sit in nature while doing it. However you are comfortable and relaxed. I would suggest using colored pencils or fine tipped markers. You can find several images online that you can print out by typing "Mandala Printables" in Google Search. I have a page for you that has several mandalas that you can print out and color. Have a wonderful time!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I haven't done a Mandala in years! This is a wonderful idea which also works well as a craft for kids! :-)


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