Monday, September 3, 2012

Old Cauldron

Merry Meet :)))))

Most of the pieces that I use in my work, and are on my alter have special meaning to me.  I usually come across them in unusual ways and they seem as if they were meant for me.  The cauldron I got above is no exception. :)))

I've been looking for awhile for a bigger cauldron that I can do spellwork in.  I currently have a little one that I purchased to get me through, while looking for the "perfect" one.  Yesterday I was with my daughter in the jeep and we were exploring the area where my Great Grandfather was from again.  We had been scouting a few cemeteries looking for the stones that marked where he and my Great Grandmother were buried.  I found them today. :))) On our way back yesterday a very small antique shop caught my eye.  It was located on the edge of what use to be my Great Grandfather's property.  I went in honestly to see if I could get some more information on the land, and my Great Grandfather.  While the man didn't have much information for me, as I was going to walk out of the shop something caught my eye.  It was an old cast iron pot stuffed in a shelf behind the door.  

I asked the man about it, and he wanted $20.00.  I was really excited as it reminded me of the pots you see hanging over the hearths in the old pictures.  The bottom is stamped S & P Phil'A 5 Quarts.  I'll put the photo of the bottom with the stamp on it at the bottom of the article.  When I went to get the money for the pot from the ATM, I googled it curious to see if I could date it.  From what I can tell I believe it dates around 1860.  If anyone knows anything else I would love any additional information.  :))) In the meantime I am just sooo excited to work with it! :)))))

Something else I found ironic was my visit to the cemetery where I found the grave stones I was looking for.  My birthday is on the 6th, in a couple days.  While I was in the cemetery I came across 6 helium balloons saying Happy Birthday on them.  The first one I kind of glossed over, by the 6th one I couldn't help but think it was a sign. :)))) I've never seen a helium balloon in a cemetery before yet alone 6 in one day.  Last year at this time I found a helium balloon on a walk in the woods with my kids that said Happy Birthday on it. :))))))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Serendipity! Some things are just meant to be.

  2. Now that's just completely awesome!
    I'm loving the balloons! I think someone wants you to know that they are not forgetting your birthday even though they are not with you physically right now. =)
    Blessed Be!

  3. You were meant to be there, the balloons were sent for you to remember you are loved and the cauldron a gift from the past x blessed be

  4. You were meant to be there, to receive the gift of love by way of the balloons for your birthday and the gift of the past to find the cauldron you are really blessed this was meant to be x blessed be


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