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Tarot Card Suits

Tarot Card Suits

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I know a few of you are just beginning to dapple in the art of reading tarot and I thought today might be a good day to go over the suits in a traditional tarot deck. :))) There are four suits in a tarot deck, Pentacles, Wands, Cups, and Swords. Each suit typically relating to an area of life. I say typically as there are many ways to interpet the tarot. This is one of the most accepted ways.

Correspondance to Life:
Pentacles - Health, Wealth and Physical
Wands - Creativity, Action, Passion
Cups - Love, Emotion, Empathy
Swords - Thoughts, Challenges, Observations

If you are working with a deck that does not have the symbols done like this and uses traditional playing card symbols, the next list will help you.

Playing Card Correspondance
Pentacles - Diamonds
Wands - Clubs
Cups - Hearts
Swords - Spades

Now I'll jump into each suit in a little more detail for you. :))

Pentacles - Pentacles correspond to the Earth Element. Some keywords for this suit include manifestation, form, money, aquisition, work, society, land, rewards, challenges, material world, conservatives, and taxes. This suit generally corresponds to issues having to do with money and work. It can also be representative of physical health. It relates to our home, our bodies, and our valuables. It's a very physical suit. This is a suit that is very grounded. It's not just about those physical things that we have, or that we may in the future but it's also about how other's will see us because of those items.

Wands - Wands correspond to the element of Fire. Wands are the adventure of live. They are your inner vision, inspiration, and intuition. As we take action they represent entrepreneurs, independence, philosophy, and spontanaity. They are connected to energy of the higher power. With their association with fire, wands are very passionate. They will help show what a person is willing to put their heart and soul into. This is that thing in life that you absolutely must do, regardless of the pay.

Cups - Cups correspond to the Water Element. This is the suit of our emotions, generally emotions pertaining to the heart. It shows relationships, creativity, spirituality, receptivity, intuition. It's the suit of how we feel. It can help to illustrate feelings in relationships both current and in the future. It's the suit that will help show the strengths or downfalls of these relationships. It can also help to show how a person is mentally, if they are elated in life, or if they may struggle with depression.

Swords - Swords correspond to the element Air. This is a suit that I don't particularly welcome when it comes up in my readings, although it can definitely shed some honest light on a situation. Swords will illustrate where conflicts are in your life. They represent our mind and our voice. These are the cards that pertain to what we say, how we say it, what we write, our methods of communications.

This is just a quick rundown of the basics that I hope some of you may find helpful. The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone when reading cards is learn to read with your intuition. Pick a deck that you absolutely love and when you start doing tarot spreads for yourself look at those pictures. What do you see in them? Rainbows to indicate hope, swords in the back to show betrayal, a ship in the distance representing something that's coming, how about that castle on the hill to show that happilly ever after. When I started reading I got so caught up in the meanings of the cards that I was extremely frustrated with tarot and questioned my gifts. It was only when my instructor made me put away my notebook of meanings and forced me to read the pictures, (yes forced is accurate lol) that I got it. By pushing me out of my comfort zone and taking away the "rules" I got comfortable with tarot and learned quickly. Once I learned the cards my way, by the pictures and my intuition, now all the meanings make sense to me. I hope this helps!!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

P.S. The cards above are from the Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck. It is the first official tarot deck I got, the one I learned on, and is still my favorite to work with today. :))))

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