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Ancestors On The Other Side

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Ancestors On The Other Side

Merry Meet :)))

I was sitting here musing about what to write about today for this article, and I felt there was something there and I couldn't quite get at it. So I took a shower. lol :) While I was in the shower I got a lot of information coming to me, so I'm assuming this article directly pertains to at least one of you. It's a rather delicate situation so I am going to write this as best I can.

As a lot of you know, ancestors can be our spirit guides. Most of you know that I work very closely with my Grandfather. When we leave our life here on Earth we go over to the Summerlands, or the Other Side as I often refer to it as. What I need you to understand is while the soul is the same of the person who you knew here on Earth, when they get to the Other Side, they will change a bit. Once you cross you are freed from many emotional and physical burdens that you carry here on earth. So things such as pain, jealousy, anger, etc do not exist there. They will be their soul in it's purest form. When we are here on Earth, we agree to come here with a set amount of challenges. We come here to learn. So we will agree to come back with a physical disability, or an addiction, something in which we need to overcome in this life. This can alter our personality here on Earth from our true soul. That is part of my gift to see past those burdens in personality to the true soul of a person. That however is another article in and of itself.

So when working with an ancestor they may be different then you knew them here on Earth. Let's say a relative was an alcoholic this life. They didn't overcome that obstacle that they set forth for themself in this life, or perhaps her being in that role served as a lesson for someone else. In any event, being here like that could lead to things being said that weren't meant, anger, basically things said and done that did not line up with who this person really was. As part of healing yourself from someone like this, part of our job is to forgive them for what they may have done. It helps heal you and will help open that line of communication back up. So if that person has come back to you as your guide don't be afraid to work with them? Get to know their true soul. It can be difficult. Often they will specifically come back to help with the healing process for you. So try to let go of any emotions you have attached to that person and feel the love that is still under there that binds your souls together. We typically travel through many lives together, and while this life may not have been pleasant between the two of you, you likely had other lifetimes together that were. I'm not saying it's easy, but it will help you in the long run. Now if Aunt Ida was a really outgoing lady who tended to always say what was on her mind, is she going to change? Perhaps not lol. :)) It depends on where the personality trait comes from.

I also want to clarify that any guide you work with will never and I mean never say anything negative, guide you into harms way, or try to belittle you in any way. If this ever happens this is not a guide and you need to deal with this immediately. You can smudge with white sage, cleanse your house, basically order that person to leave. I will smudge pretty routinely and say something along the lines of "any spirits who are not here for my highest good, or the highest good of my immediate family are ordered to leave this house immediately." That draws your boundaries. This is also why I love working with the angels as a Wiccan. If I feel threatened at all, I will call in Archangel Michael immediately to help protect me. If I am unsure about what I am receiving or just want additional support I will call in Angel Muriel. There is no doubt that they are always on your side, and I can always feel them very clearly no matter what is going on. So I am a huge advocate of everyone working with the angels regardless of your chosen religion.

To whomever this article is directed to, if you need additional help, please feel free to email me. I will help you through it as best as I can. I can sense the confusion as this person was less then nice to you this life, but I can also sense the love still there. I think they mainly wanted to get the message across that it was safe, and they were sorry and will no longer hurt you. The quote, affirmation, and tarot card as well as the pictures will be significant to you as well. Whomever this person is, definitely wants to be heard. *wraps you in a huge hug*

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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