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Easy Tarot Card Pulls

Easy Tarot Card Pulls

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Several of you have been asking me for more information regarding reading tarot cards. Today I wanted to go into a couple basic spreads for you that you can use when learning the tarot. The first is a spread that I use daily with a few different decks. I will do it with my angel deck and my avalon deck every day. It's a simple single card draw. It's become a huge part of my daily routine. I will ground and center before doing the pull. Before I draw a card, I will ask "What do my guides want me to know today." I'll then pull the card for my answer. With the angel oracle I'll phrase it asking "What do the angels want me to know today." These card pulls in the morning always help to give me information on my day and where my path in life is going.

Whenever you are doing any form of divination you want to be clear about what you are asking. Form your question in your mind ahead of time and get as specific with it as you can. If you don't it can lead to confusing cards or a difficult interpretation of your reading. So for instance, in my daily pull you will notice that I ask the question, "What do my guides want me to know today?" This is more specific then "What will happen today?" If you want to know about a specific situation clarify your situation. Feel free to talk out loud :) I do when I do my readings. If you are in a place where it's uncomfortable for you to speak out loud, do it in your mind. You can be heard there to if you choose.

The second card pull I use fairly frequently is a three card draw. The first card represents your past, the second your present, and the third your future. When you do this pull you will want to ask something along the lines of "What card best represents my past?" For the present, "What do I need to know most about my present situation." For the future, "What do I need to know about my future?" or "Where is my future going based on the path I am currently on."

While formal structured card pulls are nice I was taught to go with your intuition. A lot of times I will pull cards based on what I want to know. So for instance, say I have a problem that I am looking for a solution to. For my first card, "What is at the root of the problem I am having?" For a second card, "What do I need to know about the problem I am having?" A third card, "Show me what the obstacle is in this problem I am having." Another card could be "Show me a possible solution or outcome to this problem." or "What do my guides want me to know about the issue I am having."

The art of tarot is being able to communicate with your guides. They are simply a tool to ease the communication process. So talk to them! :) Make your questions as specific as you can and then pull a card for your answer. I think part of the issue and obstacle with people learning tarot is that there is so much to remember, and it can seem confusing when trying to use it. If you relax and use it as a tool to assist you in communicating then it will become easier. Look at the pictures on the cards not just the numbers and symbols that come up. Each card tells a story. When you pull a card look at it and ask yourself what the divine is trying to tell you by giving you that card. I hope this helps!

Love and Blesssings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. This was really helpful! Thank you! )o(

  2. That is a neat idea I am going to try it! Thanks for sharing!


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