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Flower Divination

Flower Divination

Merry Meet :))

How many of you have spent time when you were little, pulling the petals off of a daisy one by one until you reached that final petal that would tell you if he loved you or not? You can also use this method for any other question that involves a yes or no answer. The final petal is your answer. How about spending time in a field looking for that perfect green-four leaf clover that would bring you good luck? Did you realize these are forms of divination? :)))

Flower divination has been used around the world since ancient times. It is also called Floromancy. It is the art of using flowers for divination purposes by interpreting their colors, markings, location and planting times just to name a few. Once you start researching it there are so many different methods that you will find. How about kissing someone under the mistletoe at the holidays? Did you know that you can tuck a Bay Leaf under your pillow at night to help you dream about your true love?

One method of flower divination that you can try is interpreting a petal of a pansy. Find a pansy that you can use for divination. Close your eyes and think about the question you want answered. When you are ready, pull one petal from the pansy. The following is a very basic guide on how to interpret your petal.

- If you see four lines, it's a sign of hope
- If you see five lines it's a sign of hope, but that hope is founded in fear
- If you see seven lines it means you will be lucky in love
- If you see eight lines it means fickleness surrounds you
- If you see nine lines you will have a change of heart
- If you see eleven lines you will have disappointment in love
- If one of the lines is bent to the right you will prosper
- If one of the lines is bent to the left there will be trouble ahead.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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