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How To Carry Your Gemstone

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How to Carry Your Gemstones

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I have truly come to love working with gemstones. In previous articles we have gone over storage and cleansing along with several gemstones. Tonight I wanted to emphasize something that I find extremely important as a sensitive. Wear your gemstones. :)))

I know it really does sound simple. It makes a huge difference for me. When I started working with gemstones I found wearing them was what really made the stones start working for me. The difference was amazing. I wear several stones. They are in necklaces, both purchased and homemade, bracelets, rings, and anklets. By doing this their energy is always close to you and will influence you throughout the day. They are also easily accessible, so depending on my need I can reach for any one of them at any time. I have an amethyst in a pentacle around my neck. One of my rings is kyanite and the other is a star sapphire. My bracelet and one of my favorites has a rainbow moonstone. The other one I keep on me all the time is a soapstone necklace that looks like the moon and was made for me by a wonderful friend.

It is easy to make smaller gemstones that you may have into necklaces as well. At any craftstore or even Walmart they sell the necklace tops. They look a bit like a star with a loop on top and you can use superglue to attach them. I then use simple black rope to tie them around my neck. I have several done up like this and will select different ones as the need arises in addition to my ones that I wear on a normal basis. It's a less expensive solution then buying them already made. :)))

On the day of the full moon I cleanse and charge them all according to what's best. The majority of mine are cleansed by running them under cool water and then leaving them under the light of the moon to charge.

I hope this helps!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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