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HSP's and Sensing Energy of Places

HSP's and Sensing Energy of Places

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If you've found your way to me, chances are you are a highly sensitive person. What does that mean? Basically everything in the world consists of energy. The air around us, the trees, rocks, people, music, anything you can think of consists of energy. Some of us are born more sensitive to this energy. It allows us to feel this energy easier then others. Now am I saying if you aren't highly sensitive you can't feel this energy? No. A comparable example is playing the piano. Can everyone do it? Absolutely with practice, time, and dedication anyone can learn to play the piano. However are there those people that will be able to play quicker? Absolutely. So being an HSP is a lot like that. You have a gift of being able to sense energy. For additional information on it, I wrote an article about HSP's previously. Are You A Highly Sensitive Person.

So let's take this a bit further. When you are sensitive to that energy there are going to be areas that you will feel more then others. Empaths are especially tuned in to the energy of others emotions. How about those that are sensitive to the energy of places? :)))) Have you ever walked into a house or building or even been wandering amongst the woods when you've come across an area and you can just feel it's energy? How did it feel? Peaceful, cheerful, dismal? You might feel it in your hands as they start to tingle, or the back of your neck. You may sense it in your stomach, or maybe you will even get a blur of a picture of the past in your mind's eye. Why is this?

Places hold onto energy. That energy is stored in trees, animals, houses, flowers and so on. The stronger the energy the stronger the imprint. It is why you may be more likely to feel a place with a tragic past as the energy imprints are stronger. Another strong example I have stumbled across quite a bit recently are those places that contain magickal energy. I could literally write a book about the different things to look for when sensing the energy of places around us. But for now, perhaps you can try an experiment. :))) Pick several locations to walk through and keep a journal of your experiences.

Some examples are the following:

A trail in the woods. Follow the trail. Where does it lead? Was there a community there at one time? Who use to travel this trail. Is it an old road? Or just an old walking trail. As you walk along it see if you can sense the energy around you and the type of people who have traveled that trail before you.

Old cemeteries. LOL Don't be afraid. :))) And no I wouldn't suggest going at night. Unless you are much braver then I am. :)))) In all seriousness the majority of times I walk into cemeteries I find them quite peaceful. Take a walk among one. I honestly find the older ones more calming then the newer ones. I think the reason for this is the recent energy of people in pain of losing a loved one is still to strong in the newer ones. So my suggestion is to find an older area, or an old one. Walk among the stones. Do any feel different to you? Can you feel their stories? What type of person they were? Do any really catch your attention?

Walking down a street: On your next walk round your neighborhood or other residential area note how you feel when you walk by houses. Don't go by appearance for appearance can be really deceiving. I have gotten the chills walking by the most gorgeous houses before, and the warmest feeling when walking by run down homes. What matters is the people who live there. Walk slower and try to notice how you feel in front of each house. Any differences?

Another place that is always full of energy for me is libraries, and old book stores. I can actually get overwhelmed in places like this if I'm not careful.

This is an exercise that I do pretty much every time I get a chance to walk or go out by myself. I let my intuition guide me and see what I can sense. I have found some amazing places this way.  If you are a history nut like I am it can be better then reading a good book. :)))) I love walking around old areas in the woods and trying to learn what life use to be like. When you learn the patterns of the energy you will start noticing more on your adventures.

Have fun with it!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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