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Tansy is also known as buttons. Tanys is a feminine plant ruled by the planet Venus. It's element correspondance is water. I do want to caution you about using this herb, because it can cause violent reactions when used in large quantities, and in some extreme circumstances even death. Unless you are very familiar with using this herb I would not ingest it.

Tansy gets it's name from the Greek word athanasia, which means immortality. Greek legend states that a Greek boy named Ganymede, was the eternal cupbearer for Zuess. Tansy was given to Ganymede to help keep him immortal. Tansy is also a very good insect repellent. Ants in particular really don't like this herb. It is said that in ancient times tansy was included in the coffins to help keep the bugs away.

In the sixteenth century England, the smell of Tansy was well known. It was often stewed in the homes and tossed on floors to add it's scent to the home when stepped upon. The chopped leaves were also used in cakes and puddings during that time. It has a very strong, bitter taste that was also used in salads.

In Colonial times the herb was used to rub across tables to discourage bugs from gathering at the dinner tables. You will also find bits of tansy hung in windowsills to discourage flies from entering the home.

Medicinally, the herb has a long history as well. Although again I caution you not to use it. Native Americas used it to induce abortions. The treatment sometimes proved to be fatal for the woman the abortion was induced in. It was added to bathwater to ease muscle aches and reduce fevers. What makes this herb toxis is thujone, a toxic substance that is also found in wormwood. It is said that a wee bit of tansy placed in the shoes can help bring down a fever.

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