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Tarot Readings Now Available

Tarot Readings Now Available

Merry Meet :))

I have been working with the tarot for several years now. The tarot is a divination method that can help to shed insight to the questions you have in your life. The main deck that I work with is the Mystic Dreamers tarot deck. It was the first tarot deck that I ever worked with and it still is my favorite. I was taught to read the tarot intuitively. I am a skilled empath and clairvoyant. For quite some time I have been doing private readings and have decided to make them available to you now. :))

For your reading I want you to focus on the issue that you have at hand that you would like an answer to. Read through the following descriptions of reading available below. Pick the one that calls to you. ;) At the bottom of the page you can select which reading you wish to have. I do these readings by hand after meditation so please allow 24 - 48 hours to receive your reading via e-mail. :) Readings will be sent to the address you used for payment unless you specify otherwise in your message. Please write out the question you seek answer to or situation you wish further insight to in the message on your payment. Thank you! (All prices are in US dollars, however when using pay-pal, it will convert the money for you.)

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Basic One Card Reading: This is a simple spread that can be used for any question you have. The card I pull for you will have insight to the answers you seek. - USD $5.00

Two Card Reading: This is a great choice for a reading when you have two options at hand and are looking for additional insight into them. - USD $10.00

Three Card Reading: This is one of the most popular tarot spreads available. It will help shed light on your situation. You can also use this spread for answers on your path. I can shed insight on your past, where you are now, and your future. - USD $15.00

Five Card Reading: Let me use my intuition to guide you. I will use 5 cards to shed light on the situation that you are in or that you wish to have additional information on. - USD $25.00

Will I Find Love?: You are looking for that relationship but it feels like it's never coming. Find out what you need to know about when love is coming, or what you need to do to find love.

- What do you need to know about finding love
- In what way are you ready or not ready for love?
- What do you want from love?
- Where can you find love?

This 4 card reading will shed insight on helping you find love. - USD $20.00

Getting Ready: This spread helps you to get ready for a job interview or review. It sheds insight on:

- What employers want from you
- How you can highlight it
- What they don't want from you
- How you can minimize it
- What they don't realize that they want
- How you can really "wow" them.

This 6 card reading will help you get ready for that job or promotion. - USD $30.00

Two Paths Spread: Sometimes in life we are faced with two choices. It can be difficult to decide which way we want to go or which option we wish to choose. This 7-card reading will give you a lot of information to help you make that choice. It includes the benefits of each choice, downside of each choice, and the probable outcome of each. - USD $35.00

Will This Relationship Last?: This is a great spread to shed insight on a relationship. This 7 card spread will give you three strengths of the relationship, three weaknesses of the relationship, and a probable outcome if everything remains the same. You can use this as a tool to assist your relationship. - USD $35.00

Does He Love Me?: We've all be there. Is that relationship you're in right? This reading gives you insight as to how your significant other feels about you and your relationship. It sheds insight on:

- How he/she feels about you
- What he/she thinks about you
- What he/she loves best about you
- His/Her favorite aspect of the relationship
- His/Her least favorite aspect of the relationship
- His/Her hopes for the relationship
- His/Her fears regarding the relationship.

This 8 card reading will help to get your questions answered about your relationship. :)) - USD $40

Is He "The One" For Me: This spread will help you to understand how you feel about the relationship you are currently in.
- What's hot?
- What's not?
- How do you respond to him emotionally?
- How do you respond to him physically?
- How do you respond to him spiritually?
- How do you respond to him intellectually?
- What do you think of him?
- The question you need to ask yourself.

This 8 card spread will give you insight into your relationship. - USD $40

Should I Take It?: If you've been offered a job and are wondering if you should accept it, then this is the spread to help you decide. It will offer insight on:

- The best benefit for you
- The biggest downside for you
- What you'll love about the job
- What you won't
- What you'll appreciate about the boss
- What you'll find most challenging about the boos
- What you'll like about the coworkers
- What will challenge you about the co-workers
- What you need to know about this job.

This 9 card spread will help you make your decision - USD $45.00

Celtic Cross - This is another very well known spread. It is one of the most useful spreads in the tarot as it will take a very in depth look at the situation in question. Includes:
- Where are you in representation to the question asked
- Where is the conflict or what is crossing your path
- The outcome you desire most
- The basis or foundation of the issue
- Past influences on the situation that are affecting the present
- What is likely to happen in the immediate future
- How you see yourself in the present situation
- How do others influence this situation
- What are your hopes and fears regarding this situation
- Probably outcome if things remain as they are
This 10 card spread will help shed light on the situation you wish to know about. - USD $50.00

Astrological Spread - This spread is based on astrological charts. It is a circle divided into twelve sections called houses. Each house represents an aspect of your life. It will reveal insight to:
- Your self-image and personality
- Your value system and material resources
- Your siblings and communication
- Your parents, home, and family
- Creativity, affairs of the heart, fun and children
- Work, responsibilities and health
- Partnership both romantic and business
- Sex, death and shared money
- Travel, higher education, spiritual connections
- Public image, vocation and ambitions
- Friends, hopes, goals and wishes
- Your inner self, dreams, secrets and the past.
This is a great reading to have done once a year, or when you need detailed information as to where you stand in your life. - USD $60.00

Daily Tarot Card - One Month: Receive a tarot card drawn just for you, every day by email for one month. Tarot card each day will shed insight into an important issue for you for that day. Card will be chosen by me from all the decks I have each day based on my intuition.

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