Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Total Relaxation

Total Relaxation

Merry Meet :))

Total relaxation is the art of allowing your physical body to completely let go of all tension, while allowing your conscious mind to free itself of all cares and worries. As your conscious mind relaxes and your subconscious becomes open and more aware. It is in this state that you are more open to hearing messages from your guides, angels, and those who have crossed to the other side. It is also in this state that you may remember things about your past lives that will hold important clues as to why you are the way you are today.

When you find total relaxation you will reduce your stress levels and renew your energy. It is a way to become more in tune with your true self, free of all the limitations that have been placed on you in this life while you learn your life lessons. Total relaxation can release negative energies captured within your body and allow them to heal. These negative energies are usually largely responsible for any illnesses or pain you may be experiencing. When done regulary you will experience an increase in your daily energy and your health can have dramatic improvents.

This is also very important for those of you wishing to develop your psychic gifts. It opens your natural abilities of intuition and precognition. When you do it regularly you will learn to reach this state quicker and easier allowing you to access it at any time, and giving you the freedom of using it for shorter amounts of time if you so desire. When I do any sort of medium work or passing of messages this is the state that I am in to do it.

So how do we get there? Meditation. :)) You've heard me say it a lot, here are more reasons for you to work hard at it. Other ways are taking walks, swimming, any sort of creative or physical activity where you are able to "tune out" the world and slip into your subconscious for awhile. It truly does hold the keys to a lot of information for you leading to enlightenment.

I have a meditation on youtube for you to try if you wish. It's one that I find really relaxing :))) You can find it here: Guided Meditation - Deep Relaxation

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I loved your post ‘Total Relaxation’. Thanks for sharing the tips to reduce the stress and worries.


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