Friday, October 5, 2012

Working With Oracle Cards

Working with Oracle Cards

Merry Meet :))) One of my favorite things to do is work with Oracle cards. I do daily draws from myself in the morning from several decks. It helps me to align with my guides and the angels. Oracle cards are usually very easy to work with. It is similar to working with tarot cards except their interpretation in my opinion is much easier. They can be very helpful in helping you heal as they will call attention to areas of your life in which your guides want you to work. They can also make it easier for your guides and the angels to get messages to you. In the morning I will wake up and shuffle my deck. Depending on the deck is how I phrase my question. So for instance I work with the deck Messages From Your Angels, by Doreen Virtue. So when I wake up, I shuffle the deck. Then I ask "What is one thing that the angels want me to know today." I will then draw a card and read the message that goes with it. I love the Angel Oracle decks as they deepen my connection with the Angels, and the cards are always positive and uplifting. Another wonderful deck I work with from Doreen Virtue is calledHealing With The Angels.

For those who prefer a mystical feel to their cards, I also work a lot with Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards. I absolutely love this deck as well. The pictures are beautiful and they are really easy to interpret.

I work with a lot of different decks. As you receive Moonsong Daily Magick, you'll notice I pull from several decks. On each one I list where the card is from so that if one seems to call out to you, you can find it. A lot of the card pulls that I do for you are from Oracle decks. :))) It's funny, I remember taking a tarot class a long time ago and someone commenting on how they had a lot of tarot decks. At the time, I didn't understand why. I do now. Each one has a different feel to it. However, the majority of my decks are oracle decks. I also work with a fairy deck called Magical Messages from the Fairies, and a Soul Coaching deck called Soul Coaching Oracle Cards. These are just a few of my favorites. Most if not all of them come with a guidebook that will help you interpret the cards. So when you pull a card in the morning, until you get familiar with them, you can pull out the book that goes with them and read the interpretation of the card from the author who created them.

Reading oracles is a nice way to get in touch with your guides and your inner self. It's also a wonderful way to break the ice for doing tarot readings. For those of you who do tarot but not oracle cards, you might want to try them as well. I have come to love them. :))))

Good Luck!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I've use my friend oracle card. At this time I don't own any. I run the tarot 4 times a year or if I feel the need to.
    Coffee is on


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