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For those of you that are Harry Potter fans, Hogwarts teaches a class in Xylomancy, where they analyze burnt pieces of woods for answers to their questions. It is also sometimes referred to as Xylomantia. Xylomancy is derived from the Greek words xylo, which means wood, and manteia, which means divination. It's a method of looking at twigs, fallen tree branches, or other pieces of wood for divining the past present or future. Some other methods of Xylomancy which are closely related are Dendromancy, and Tephromancy.

In ancient times in Slavonia, they would look at the shape and position of the pieces of wood found on their paths. In biblical times the seers would look for patterns in fallen pieces of wood.

Later on in history, people would remove the bark from the branches, and then toss these branches to the ground and interpret the patterns in which they fell. Another method was to interpret the patterns of logs in the fireplace as they fell when they were burned.

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