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Alabaster is a very important stone for holistic healing and has been used for hundreds of years. It's a form of gypsum. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans used this stone mixed with water to create casts and impressions. Alabaster is still used in building today. Many statues that you see are made from alabaster because of it's ease to work with. The stone is transluscent so you will also find lamps and lampshades made of it. You can see the picture below for an example. :)))

Alabaster is a wonderful stone and can help tension, headaches, lack of concentration, and painful joints. It is also helpful with hormonal imbalances. Alabaster is a great stone to have with you if you are looking to control your emotions and strengthen your concentration. It is very useful in meditation, grounding and centering. Alabaster is a conduit to help you connect with the energy of the Earth.

To cleanse your Alabaster cyrstal run it under warm running water once a month.

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Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Jasmeine, Do you make these candle holders shown in the image above? If so how do I get some of these for myself? Marsha McCall


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