Monday, November 26, 2012

Animal Totem: Dragonflies

Animal Totem: Dragonflies

Merry Meet :)))

The other day I took my children on a walk around a lake about a half hour from my house. I could not believe how many dragonflies there were! There were literally hundreds as we walked about the lake. They were all different sizes and amazing colors of greens, reds, browns and blues. I never realized how many different types there were. We spent a couple hours just watching them as we walked around the lake as they landed on various plants and marvelling over their beautiful colors and gracefulness. Have you ever had the opportunity to view a dragonfly up close? They literally just sparkle in the sunlight with their jewel like colors on them reflecting th lights in all different ways. It's very easy when looking at them why they are seen as so mystical.

When I researched the dragon totem I was delighted to see that color is one of the gifts they give us. They help us to view the many colors that surround us every day. They help us to change the colors in our life to influence our lives. For example the clothes we wear. Did you know that if you dress in brighter colors it will naturally make you happier? Colors in our home can make us feel calmer. Color is very powerful in our lives and the dragonfly gives us clarity when working with it.

The dragonfly also helps us merge our rational thoughts with our dreams. It teaches us how to make our dreams a reality through concrete plans to achieve them. The dragonfly helps you to see that anything is possible and within your reach.

They are also helpful in overcoming any sort of addiction or habit that we wish to not have. They lend us strength and the wisdom to give up those habits or practices that are not for our greater good.

When you see a dragonfly it means that a change is coming. It is usually a long-term change, lasting a few years so you can expect this totem animal to stay with you and help you work through those changes. Those changes usually have to do with making our dreams a reality, and our emotional and physical well-being.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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