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Merry Meet :)))

Augury is an ancient divination method that involves using birds. I love love love feeding birds. I have a feeder in my yard and I love watching the various birds come to eat from it. Another favorite past time at the beach is in the evening when everyone is done swimming taking bread and crackers to feed the seagulls with. We are always amazed at how close they will come to us.

Ancient Augurs use to tell the future by watching the birds and their flight after feeding them. The ancient romans had a very specific system. However today we can use a simplified version.

Find a place that you can go to feed birds.

When you are ready think of the question that you have.

Make sure it is clear and is easily answered by yes or no.

Then scatter the seed or food you have for them on the ground.

If the birds fly off to the right, your answer is yes.

If the birds fly off to the left, your answer is no.

If the birds scatter and fly everywhere it means that there is not enough information to answer the question.

You can rephrase your question and try again.

It may also mean that the question you asked is more complicated then a simple yes or no question and needs further though or elaboration.

If the birds don't eat what you have put out for them it can mean that your question holds greater importance then you are aware of. You need to rethink your question and all possible solutions as there may be one you are missing.

Have fun!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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