Saturday, November 3, 2012

Increased Sensitivity, Increased Sensitivity to Foods

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In the past I've done some articles about how as sensitives, our bodies are sensitive to food as well. Things such as sugar, caffeine, and processed foods that contain chemicals can really do a number on our intuition, energy, and wellness. Did you know that as you develop your gifts, your sensitivity to these foods will increase as well? I remembered reading this a few years ago, and I must confess I dismissed it at the time. I thought it was a way for the New Age teachers of the world to get us to be healthier. I mean after all, if we are healthier it would make sense that we could do things better?

It's not as simple as that. I can tell you that as I am working very hard to increase my gifts in the past few years, my sensitivity to food has absolutely skyrocketed. I cannot tolerate sugar. Pretty much in any quantities any more. I have candida, which is basically a yeast overgrowth in the body when I eat sugar. Three years ago I was drinking a few cans of soda a day, and having pretty much whatever I wanted. I drink plain seltzer water and normal water now. I have had my Candida under control for awhile now as I've been working hard at it. However I am once again dealing with it as I can no longer have bread. If I eat anything besides foods that I am suppose to I will get tired and moody. lol :))) Can I still have an ice cream once in awhile? Yes, but I have to be extremely careful now.

Why in the world is this? Our bodies are extra sensitive to energy. As we become more in tune with this energy we vibrate at a higher level. This causes our bodies to demand foods that vibrate at a higher level as well. Foods grown above the ground in natural sunlight are best. They vibrate at a very high level. This is why, even though I have candida and am not suppose to eat fruit, I find I break that rule for this diagnosis by the more fruit I eat the better I feel, and it has no effect on my candida. Funny huh? Organic foods are also better as they have not been hit with pesticides which will lower the vibration of the food. If you are going to eat meat and fish it is better to have it from animals and fish found in the wild, not raised for the purpose of being food. Water, water, water. I can't stress it enough. The closer to it's natural state you can get the better.

So for those of you developing your gifts, watch how you feel as you have that cup of coffee or cookie. I know I love my coffee too. I'd be willing to put money that you will have the same effects that I am. The more you develop the more sensitive you are going to get to those foods with lower vibrations.

Many of you know that I love Doreen Virtue. I went back through my notes and was able to find what I believe is the original article I read some time ago. I thought some of you might like to read it as well. :)))) Food, Appetite & Spirituality

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Jasmeine Moonsong

p.s. Something I love doing is having a pitcher full of icewater in my fridge with fruit in it. Watermelon works fantastic, as does lemons, strawberries, mangos. It give the water some additional taste for you when you wish to have a variety of taste. :))  You can also use vegetables like cucumber, or herbs such as mint. :)))

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