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I have always loveeeedd old oil lamps. I have three of them in my house currently. I see myself adding more once my children get older. :))) Lampadomancy is an ancient art of divination using a lamp. In ancient Egypt and Meopotamia Lampadomancy was a very common form of divination. During those times it was more difficult to have candles as they were expensive, so lamps were used more often. These lamps were typically made of a terracotta dish filled with oil. The sides of it were high enough to hold the oil and the flames. They would then place a coiled linen strip that rested in the oil and hung out of the pot to create a wick. Often times the outside would be painted. They typically used palm oil for their lamps, as olive oil was still expensive during those times. These are very easy to make yourself, however if you are going to use this type of lamp I would not leave it unattended.

In the 1800's lamp divination gained popularity in the United States as kerosene lanterns became common. This is the type of lamp that I have several of in my house. Hurricane lanterns can also be used.

To do lampodomancy, first formulate a clear question in your mind. Then you want to gaze into the flame of the lamp. Watch the flames and notice how many points it has, in what direction it's blowing, note the color, the height. When you work with lamps you want to use the characteristics of the flames to start learning what they mean. For instance I can use a flame similar to a pendulum. The flame will go up and down to indicate yes, back and forth to indicate no, or in a circular motion if the outcome is unclear at this time. When using the points a flame has, one point would be favorable, two points, unfavorable. If you happen to see three points that's a very good sign. If the flame is bent it can indicate that an illness is coming. If it just goes out completely, that's not a good sign. lol :)))

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