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Magick and Intent

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Magick and Intent

Merry Meet :)))) One of the things I find myself talking about a lot in my correspondances with you by email is intent when working with magick. One of the largest pieces when working with magick is your intent. You can work a perfect spell, but if you don't believe it will work, or have intentions that are different from the spell, it simply will not work. Everything in the world is made up of energy. As Wiccans, we learn to work with that energy and use it for positive benefit to ourself and others. A large part of this is getting past our conscious mind that loves to tell us no, to our subconscious. When you can do that, spells will start to work for you.

So how do we accomplish this? One of the first things to do before working a spell is to ground and center yourself. This makes sure you are carrying no negative energies, and that you are focused on the task at hand. A second thing I highly recommend is doing a meditation before spellwork. The reason for this is that meditation accesses your subconscious. It tells your conscious to be quiet, in essence, and gives your subconscious the reigns. This is what you want to happen in order to work with energy. This is where your power is. Once you are grounded, centered, relaxed, and your subconscious is awakened, then you want to set your intentions and make them known. This is what sets the pace for your magickal workings and lets the universe, deities, and guides know of your intent. This is an extremely important step.

Where a lot of you get confused is if you are unable to obtain the ingredients necessary for your spells. It is my experience that you do not always need them. In fact, I can't tell you how many rituals and spells I've worked not using any materials, or utilizing a substitute that I felt was close. My results were almost always successful. However, if you are going to do this you need to realize that yes it can work, and it does as per the reasons I've given you above. A lot of you write in for proper spells to work with. While these are very helpful, what I encourage you to do most is to work on your intent. You can cast a prosperity spell every single day for a year, but if your intent is to not have money, you won't. That's the base where you need to start. Adding things in like proper gemstones, aromas etc can be helpful, don't get me wrong. However that main piece, your intent, must be there in order for it to work. Once you have learned to work with that, then start working in proper gemstones, aromas, lunar cycles etc. :)))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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