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Merry Meet :))) Mugwort is probably one of the herbs you see listed most often when working spells. In China, mugwort has been used for centuries as a protection herb. Native Americans used mugwort to assist with various physical ailments such as headaches, colic, and respiratory diseases. It's been used for centuries around the world for many purposes ranging from aiding digestion to an antiseptic. It also use to be used to flavor beer, before hops started to be used.

Mugwort is a very common herb and flourishes in many places around the world. It is so common that it's actually considered an invasive weed by some. However it is wonderful to help repel bugs and moths and has been used for quite some time to help keep them out of gardens.

Mugwort is a Moon herb and is wonderful to use for cleansing and purifying. If you rub your body with mugwort it will protect you from spirits.

It is also quite helpful with divination. You can put it in pillows or drink it as a tea to help improve clairvoyance, psychic dreams, astral projection, protection. It should only be taken orally in small quantities and not be used if you are pregnant.

You can place a bit of mugwort in your shoes to help protect you and prevent yourself from getting tired.

Rub mugwort leaves on your divination tools to cleanse and consecrate them and to help strengthen your divination abilities. Another method is to place them at the bottom of your crystal ball or scrying mirror to aid in your divination.

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Jasmeine Moonsong

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